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23 Found Inspiration Moving Forward

Contemporary art & design selected by Evelien Jaspers.

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22 Reacties Voor Green Evelien

Inspiratie voor ecologische eenvoud

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3 Green Evelien

Inspiratie voor ecologische eenvoud

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0 Home Is Behind

 Evelien, 17 year old disaster from the netherlands. You can find a lot of different stuff that i like on here, such as nature, photography, tv shows, movies, art, writing, h...

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0 Have Courage And Be Kind

Evelien • Belgium • Twenty The magic is as wide as a smileand as narrow as a wink,loud as laughter and quiet as a tear, tall as a tale and deep as emotion. So strong, it c...

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0 Moving At Ghostly Speed

Greetings, web roamer! You just tumbled over a pile of chaos and disorder, called my blog. Go berserk and join the rampage of hobbits, dwarves, rock artists, dragons, emperors...

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0 Michael Is A Kitten

Evelien. 20. I love bands and youtube. OTP: Tronnor

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