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A Lifestyle Blog

2 Gotham Blotter

The officially unofficial poDcast for Gotham on Fox. News, episode recaps, analysis, predictions, your feedback, and more – all about the Gotham television series, the Batma...

0 Tomb Raider

Fox. 26. RUSSIAN. INTJ. pansexual. slytherin. scorpio. movie maniac (adore horror movies). comics lover (mostly Dc-girl). gamer • tv shows • photography • TOMB RAIDER

0 Zach Everson's Funkhouse

Writer: Condé Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet, Fox News. Dc based. Boston born. Kentucky Colonel.

0 Silver Bullet To The ♥

Just call me ‘Fox’ | 28 | Hufflepuff | Mage of Space ☼ Favorite Fandoms ☾ Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons, Homestuck, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, OUAT, Almost Human, Sl...

0 The Sea Fox

This is a multi-fandom blog that reflects many things I like, issues I care about, and other ramblings of mine. My interests lie in video games (particularly RPGs), anime/mang...