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55 Jane Wells

Based in Los Angeles, Jane Wells is a CNBC business news reporter and also writes the Funny Business Blog for CNBC.com.

www.cnbc.com www.cnbc.com/id/15837936/device/rss

53 WTF Facts : Funny, Interesting & Weird Facts

WTF fun facts is a Blog for interesting facts & funniest facts. we post health, celebs/people, places, animals, history informations and much more. Stay tuned for the latest i...

wtffunfact.com wtffunfact.com/rss

52 First Memes

If you want answers to your questions make sure you don’t ask them anonymously . First memes is a Blog where I try to gather the best memes and Funny pictures from all over ...

firstmemes.com firstmemes.com/rss

51 CollegeHumor Staff Blog

The CollegeHumor Staff Blog is the official Tumblr of CollegeHumor.com’s staff. Here you can find regular updates from some folks with way too much time on their hands, plus...

blog.collegehumor.com blog.collegehumor.com/rss

48 Funny Pictures Tumblr-LOLFACTORY.net

the ➨ best collection of Funny pictures on tumblr! advice animals ♥ LOLcats ♥ crazy GIFs ♥ funniest Blog ever ♥ updated 24/7!♥ (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||...

lolfactory.net lolfactory.net/rss

41 Fun Zodiac Signs Fact

WTF Zodiac Signs : Funny, interesting zodiac & weird sign facts WTF Zodiac is a Blog for interesting horoscope sign facts daily. we post love, relationship, manners , weird, p...

wtfzodiacsigns.com wtfzodiacsigns.com/rss

41 Pigeons & Planes » Funny

A Hip Hop and Indie Rock Blog with Free MP3s

pigeonsandplanes.com pigeonsandplanes.com/tag/funny/feed/

40 !! Omg Blog !! [the Original, Since 2003] » Funny

Our readers are smarter than average.

www.omgblog.com www.omgblog.com/funny/feed/

37 If You Laugh, You Lose

If you laugh, you lose. It’s that simple! But feel free to keep losing…and laughing! Follow us for Funny pics and GIFs daily! And be sure to check back on this Blog often.

ifyoulaughyoulose.com ifyoulaughyoulose.com/rss

33 The Funniest Post

Welcome to the funniest post Blog on tumblr. ReBlog any of the contents you like and submit all of your Funny posts. Promote your Tumblr! The funniest post is a Blog that feat...

thefunniestpost.com thefunniestpost.com/rss

32 Onision Tumblr

Official Onision Tumblr, featuring Funny YouTube videos, animated gifs & tons of banana-friendly content. If you’re an Onision fan, make sure you follow this Blog to get reg...

onision.net onision.net/rss

32 Funny Dirty Adult Jokes, Pictures Memes, Cartoons, Ecar...

Our humor Blog post a wide range of Funny adult jokes ranging from Funny dirty jokes, pictures, Funny adult cartoons / comics to Funny ecards, memes, fails..

www.jokideo.com jokideo.com/feed/

29 CrustyClarinet's Fantastic Blog

16 | Cis ♂ | ♋ | INFJ | Filipino/White | Any Pronouns I’m JH this is my Blog I feed it post Funny Jokes, social issues, and other miscellaneous content. If you need me t...

crustyclarinet.tumblr.com crustyclarinet.tumblr.com/rss

29 Mark Fiore RSS

Award-winning political animation that uses humor and satire to bring current events alive! Mark Fiore's famous cast of cartoon characters led the Wall Street Journal to call ...

www.markfiore.com www.markfiore.com/m...toons.html?format=feed

29 Mark Fiore RSS

Award-winning political animation that uses humor and satire to bring current events alive! Mark Fiore's famous cast of cartoon characters led the Wall Street Journal to call ...

www.markfiore.com www.markfiore.com/m...feed/rss/cartoons.html

25 HotmoviesBlog.com » Funny Shit

Hotmovies Blog - just grab them in the biscuit

hotmoviesblog.com hotmoviesblog.com/category/funny-shit/feed

24 - Kilted Pride -

Welcome to this curated scrapbook of over fourteen thousand Men in Kilts entries and related Scottish ‘bits and pieces’ drawn from various sources cerebrating the joys of ...

kiltedpride.com kiltedpride.com/rss

24 Punchbaby » Funny

An old video site, now in handy Blog form

punchbaby.com punchbaby.com/category/funny/feed/

23 Hilarious Blog | Smokeporch.com

Smoke Porch is your Ultimate Blog Source for Everything Hilarious. Funny, Quotes, Hysterical, Life Hacks, Crafts, Art, Architecture, Photos, Gifs… You will find it All here....

www.smokeporch.com smokeporch.com/rss

22 Bangbros Blog - The Official Blog For The World's Best ...

Popping boners everywhere for the last 10 years.

blog.bangbros.com blog.bangbros.com/c...otos/funny-funny/feed/