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DJ Spinna is something of an anomaly in music. A humbling example of what it takes to truly succeed within the framework of multiple fields. With a steadfast work ethic, an ob...

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2 BeyondJazz

online Future Jazz, since 2001

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1 Comments For American Jazz Museum

Where It Lives | PEER into the Future - Jazz Then, Now and Beyond !

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1 Comments On: #456 – 4D Funk

online Future Jazz, since 2001

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0 Everythings Chrom In The Future!

Jazz| ♏| artist |she/they/them| i think i don’t need to explain from what i post! ~((art by りっぷ on Pixiv))~TOP((same with かすがい on Pixiv too))~ICON

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0 Notes On Cinematograph

Personal and general notes on "an invention without a Future," and its association with other arts - in my case, mainly, Jazz and architecture.

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0 Author Jane Jazz

TANTALUS. When Sylvia Wright sees something stir in the dark shadows of her studio, her world is changed forever. She finds herself staring straight through the neighbour's wa...

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0 The Miseducation.

Eric. 22. Driven. College student. Future Dean of Students. Great friend. Greater lover. Jazz personality, G mentality. CT living… For now.

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NAME: Mac OCCUPATION: President of the Future Cat Ladies of America ClubLIKES: Jazz Music, PDX, the Golden Girls DISLIKES: adhesives

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0 Alonso

Latino, 18 Middle Of nowhere. Lifting, physics/French major.Your hands are the brushYour ideas are the paintThe Future is your canvasI listen to too much Jazz and drink enough...

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0 Any Dream Will Do.

“Not only is the universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think.” -Werner Heisenberg. Just a lil nerd who likes classical music, Jazz, bluegrass, dogs, ...

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0 VisionalWonder

Heyyo! The name’s Boris! NO I am not Russian but would be awesome to be! Uhm yeah I’m a college student aspiring to be an aerospace engineer with some background in nano s...

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0 Reading 33 1/3

Hi! I am reading my way through Continuum’s 33 1/3 series, making notes on each book here. My music blog is Handsome Young Stranger, my name’s Lisa Ann Cassidy, and I live...

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0 Maybe Someday

“Even on the worst days, there’s a possibility for joy.” about me ★ my stuff ★ my things Jazz. Professional fangirl. Cinephile. TV-aholic. Bookworm. I speak English,...

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-1 Comments On: MAIN

Where It Lives | PEER into the Future - Jazz Then, Now and Beyond !

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-1 American Jazz Museum

Where It Lives | PEER into the Future - Jazz Then, Now and Beyond !

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