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80 Http://sixpenceee.com/

Welcome to Sixpenceee. You’ll find interesting content that ranges a wide variety of topics but our specialty is in creepy/bizarre/Horror/paranormal & science. We don’t cl...

sixpenceee.com sixpenceee.com/rss

26 American Horror Story

dedicated to the tv show, american Horror story.next episode: 5.12 ‘be our guest’ (13th Jan.) var fhs = document.createElement('script');var fhs_id = "5058209"; var ref = ...

horrorstorygifs.com horrorstorygifs.com/rss

21 Http://killedtheinnocentpeople.tumblr.com/

Dominant Woman • Hardcore Gamer • Horror Movie Addict • Homicidal

killedtheinn...ople.tumblr.com killedtheinnocentpeople.tumblr.com/rss

16 The Lovecraft

The Lovecraft Bar is a Horror themed dance bar located in sunny Portland, Oregon. Please see the calendar page for upcoming events. Open since January 11th, 2011, we pay tribu...

thelovecraftbar.com thelovecraftbar.com/rss

9 Graveyard Shift Sisters

Purging The Black Female Horror Fan From The Margins

www.graveyardshiftsisters.com www.graveyardshifts.../posts/default?alt=rss

7 Http://blog.chaosagent.info/

I’m chaos. You’ll find tokusatsu, robots, mecha, Horror, kitties, and GETTER MOTHERFUCKING ROBO here. Also, I’m an old oba-chan who really likes a lot of bullshit.

blog.chaosagent.info blog.chaosagent.info/rss

7 The Horror Forums - Horror Discussion - All Forums

The Horror Forums - Horror Discussion - Http://theHorrorforums.com

thehorrorforums.com thehorrorforums.com/syndication.php

7 Vault Of Evil: Brit Horror Pulp Plus!

The latest topics from Http://vaultofevil.proboards.com

vaultofevil.proboards.com vaultofevil.proboards.com/rss/public

6 Horror Boobs

Horror Boobs brings you the best in breasts from all genre cinema. Visit our store! Http://Horrorboobs.storenvy.com/

horrorboobs.com horrorboobs.com/rss

6 Hello! This Is The Doomed Show.

Richard, Brad, Jeffrey, and Nafa talk about Horror movies, the giallo genre, Euro-Horror, and all kinds of other things and stuff. Check out Doomed Moviethon: Http://doomedmov...

hellodoomedshow.podomatic.com hellodoomedshow.podomatic.com/rss2.xml

4 I Say Fuck A Lot.

I have no idea what I’m doing. Thirty something borderline atheist momma to three monsters: a teenager, a special needs kindergartener, a terrible three year old. Modified, ...

sinistretoile.tumblr.com sinistretoile.tumblr.com/rss

4 The Horror Review

The latest topics from Http://theHorrorreview.proboards.com

thehorrorreview.proboards.com thehorrorreview.proboards.com/rss/public

3 Horror Etc Podcast Forum

The latest topics from Http://Horroretcforum.proboards.com

horroretcforum.proboards.com horroretcforum.proboards.com/rss/public

3 Sword And Troll

Il Blog del mitico Sword And Troll, giochi di ruolo, da tavolo, fantasy e Horror! visita anche il nostro sito: Http://swordandtroll.gdr.net

swordandtroll.iobloggo.com swordandtroll.iobloggo.com/rss2.php

3 British Horror Novels

The latest topics from Http://britishHorrornovels.proboards.com

britishhorro...s.proboards.com britishhorrornovels.proboards.com/rss/public

2 Michael Shea

Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction Author

www.michaelsheaauthor.com michaelsheaauthor.c...gacy/xml/media-rss.php

1 Pseudopod RSS Feed

WHAT WE WANT Pseudopod is a genre magazine in audio form. We’re looking for Horror [Http://www.Horror.org/Horror-is.htm]: dark, weird fiction. We run the spectrum from gr...

pseudopod.submittable.com pseudopod.submittable.com/rss

1 Chilling Tales For Dark Nights

We are a premium Horror themed storytelling and short Horror film team with 350+ audio productions under our belts, 100K+ YouTube subscribers and 10+ million video views. Our ...

www.chilling...rdarknights.com www.chillingtalesfo...ights.com/feed/podcast

0 Donald_hall

The first story in Kelly Link [Http://kellylink.net/]’s new collection Get in Trouble [Http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0804179689/wnyc-s360-20/] is called “The Summ...

www.studio360.org www.studio360.org/feeds/tags/donald_hall

0 From Black To Red

From Black to Red is a site essentially catered to the dark to the violent, and then anything in between and possibly around, including the shocking and controversial. This wi...

fromblacktor....blogspot.co.uk fromblacktoredfilmr.../posts/default?alt=rss