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4 Comments On: What The Hunger Games Gave Me

This is the podcast station for TheNervousBreakdown.com, an Online culture magazine featuring authors and artists from around the world.

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0 Http://lil-chipmunk.tumblr.com/

So, my name is Emily. I’m 18 years old. I love to read, write, draw, and listen to music. Sometimes I am extremely shy and other times im a social butterfly. Some of the fan...

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0 Suspicious Potato

Martyna | 22 | Poland | Jennifer Lawrence | The Hunger Games | Green Day | Harry Potter | random stuff | I also like cats in sombreros | NOW SHUT UP AND EAT YOUR PEARS | var f...

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0 Only Liars But We're The Best...

{Louise. 24. England} Current interests: Merlin, Merthur, Formula one, Teen Wolf, The big bang theory, Glee, Doctor who, The Hunger Games For more see my about me :D  Wizards...

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0 Obsession Eats Me Whole

Axa twenty one England Bastille, The 1975, Dan Howell, PJ Liguori, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Books, Art and a shit load of text p...

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0 Harry Potter/ Hunger Games

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0 Your Heart Shows No Sign Of Weakness

Natalie. 18. German. Libra. ISFP. Queer. Feminist. Singer. Tswift and fictional ladies are all that matters to me I cry over my otps daily ✿ The Vampire Diaries ✿ Teen Wol...

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0 Sword Art Online? More Like Sword Fart Online

My name is Stefan Ristic and i Hunger for video Games, comics, anime, manga and some novels. I also draw sometimes and my dream is to become an aspiring artist. My friend code...

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0 Hearmy[whispers]inthedark; ♥

the name’s blair. i’m twenty-one, single and working full-time someplace. i particularly like wrestling, facebook, twilight, the Hunger Games, nolanverse batman, christian...

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0 This Is The Blog You're Looking For

•Ayo it’s Ro! •ENFP•CURRENTLY READING: ~~~ (more book recs below!!!) •I’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses •I speak English and I know American Sign Language and I a...

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0 I Wanna Be A Princess

FOW ♥ HUFFLEPUFF PRINCESS ♥ INFP Welcome to my blog! I’m probably too old for my obsessions but that doesn’t stop me. I’m a Riley Matthews stan who you will mostly f...

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0 Let's Go Take A Howl At That Moon

- ben c and seb stan and chris evans are my babies. katie mcgrath is my queen. george blagden makes me weak. taylor is the bae - fave actors include; colin m, bradley j, jared...

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0 Same Old Me Again Today

Hey my name is Tabby I’m just a typical overly opinionated bitch who obsesses over things way too much ♥ WARNING: I AM A MULTI-SHIPPER Obsessions: Adam Lambert ,Chris Colf...

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0 All The Fandoms

Sonya - Fandom blogger, nerdfighter, artist, reader. Fandoms: Harry Potter One Piece Avatar the Last Airbender Legend of Korra the Lord of the Rings Star Wars Doctor Who Narut...

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0 Uhm... Hai?

I’m Carolien, a 21 year old linguistics student from the Netherlands. My blog is about all kinds of rthings including Harry Potter related things, photography & music. Some ...

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0 All Hail Queen Lawrence

Molly. USA. This blog is all about Jennifer Lawrence, but also Josh Hutcherson and The Hunger Games. sc_Online_i(824308,"ffffff","e61e99");Free Tumblr Online Counter

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0 Living In A World Of Fantasy

A fangirl who loves Divergent, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, TFIOS, Looking For Alaska, The Mortal Instruments, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin and quite a few m...

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0 The Magic Of A Fandom!

// FHS Tumblr Online Counter var height = '28'; var fhs = document.createElement('script');var fhs_id = "4882354"; var ref = (''+document.referrer+'');var pn = window.location...

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0 Yisu's World

22y/o from Venezuela. Geek. Gamer. Gay. Whovian. Kpoper. Gleek. Stuff I Like: -TV Shows: Doctor Who. Game Of Thrones. Glee. Community. Firefly. Adventure Time. Parks & Recreat...

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