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Alexandra. I’m Eighteen years old and from Upstate NY. I’m intrigued by everything & everyone. I apperciate art, music & all forms of creativity. Keep Calm & Kill Them All...

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20. Cali Born & Raised. Concert Attendee. Amateur/Stylish Stoner. Hypebeast. Inevitable Millionaire. IG/SNAPCHAT: itsryanbruh

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Pretty self explanatory. Influenced by The Thread on Hypebeast forums

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Troubled Writer. Album collector. Hypebeast. I’m voting for Kanye. (Not just for Yeezys.)#1NV4D3R$http://www.wattpad.com/user/KyevonTravis

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denim, son follow / ask / submit / questions / submissions / archive / text HELPFUL LINKS: oki-ni denim guide / Hypebeast evolution of denim / superfuture superdenim friends :...

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Fubiz HighSnobiety Teed The Sartorialist GARDE-ROBE Knight Cat Lolita Niemann Chicks and Bikes Cat in a Box Friday Morning Bookclub Said the Gramophone MoCo Loco Cube Me Desig...

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