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0 Http://khazIx.tumblr.com/

my name Is elIse, but most ppl call me leaf. besIdes work, I sleep, play games, & eat yummy Food. I Love my bf And I Love my dumb Cat cyrus. buy me thIngs. If You want to~oh &...

khazix.tumblr.com khazix.tumblr.com/rss

0 Cats, Hats And A Whole Bunch Of Other ShIt.

So If You have looked through my blog You wIll fInd I Love Cats And supernatural And star trek And Food And doctor who And Sherlock And LOR And the hobbIt. I am 19 years old I...

clare-z.tumblr.com clare-z.tumblr.com/rss

0 Love Everyone As Much As You Love Your Food

|the netherlAnds|gay as fuck| I Love serIes And fIlms where lgbtqIa Is Involved| marvel| especIally deadpool And captaIn amerIca|hAndball|I Love my precIous Cat tommIe|

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Kat. INFJ. QuestIonIng my gender And sexualIty. Italy. Larry, ZIam, GallavIch, Johnlock, DestIel And SabrIel Is the aIr I breath. I am a Cat person And I Love Food, oh yeah. ...

weirdisbette...rmal.tumblr.com weirdisbetterthanormal.tumblr.com/rss

0 MInd LIke A DIamond

I lIke the Idea of a world where people say ‘normal’ lIke It’s an Insult.” -MIsha CollIns ♥ ☠ Name: Jane (ᏤᏂᎺᎵ) יוֹחנה My favorIte color Is black ...

thecheshirekitteh.tumblr.com thecheshirekitteh.tumblr.com/rss

0 Hey! I'm Cat + I ThInk You're Lovely Xoxoxoxoxo

I lIke hIstory And true crIme And sometImes I wrIte thIngs. That stuff Is here.My other passIons are MMA, wrestlIng, musIc (my playlIst Is here), fIlms And Food. fashIon, make...

polarity-princess.tumblr.com polarity-princess.tumblr.com/rss

0 The WorkIng Hour.

Hey, I’m AlIana. You can also call me LIane, or Lee. FIne arts student, coffee drInker, And Cat. You wIll have here a varIety of posts, usually of art, Food, And humor. I lo...

starrtimecats.tumblr.com starrtimecats.tumblr.com/rss

0 Tomorrow Never Knows

Hey! My name Is Ebony, I am 16 years old And gay, And I lIve In South West AustralIa. I have been strugglIng wIth mental InstabIlIty for quIte a few years now. I don’t have ...

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