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0 Emi Of The City

Emi Ikkanda is a book editor at Henry Holt & Co. At any time, she can be found overspending at bookstores or hunting for The Next Great Book to publish. Her recent titles incl...

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0 The Story Of Monica To Aleksandr

Welcome to my blog. I reblog many things since I’m a big fanboy and you can see it all. Though some of it is pretty funny. Anyway…. Call me Kira Gaara or Alek or Zazzle, o...

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0 Dogs Are Cool

Instagram: @cabbithtematey Hi I’m Matey. I’m in school for illustration. I Love animation- including american and Japanese- and some french pieces. My favorite anime is So...

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0 Red Album Of Lolita Fashion

✿ [ABOUT BLOG] Lolita fashion, styles, brands and handmade, street snaps, inspiration, picture on the topic. A few other Japanese street culture: otome, dolly, mori, aristoc...

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