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1 Comments For NOLA Rejeweled

Handmade Jewelry made from old & broken Parts!

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0 Sarawestermark

Metalsmith creating chic & modern Jewelry in sterling silver, gold and gemstones.....I am not sure what draws me to create, but I feel compelled to ornament the human experien...

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0 Keep Going; Create With Every Breath

I’m dubbleaa (Double A), equal Parts cynic + optimist and compulsive blogger. MA English & BA English (Creative Writing concentration). My poetry and prose now have their ow...

dubbleaa.tumblr.com dubbleaa.tumblr.com/rss

0 BangBang Bijoux

Unique Jewelry creations, made from recycled, vintage and reworked Parts assembled with love in Edmonton, Canada.These are the images and words that illuminate my work and kee...

mybangbangbijoux.tumblr.com mybangbangbijoux.tumblr.com/rss