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26 Brickset.com News

Lego News from Brickset.com.

www.brickset.com brickset.com/feed/

21 PimpMyBricks

Yo! Da Brickpimp iz bringing you da latest an’ greatest builder models an’ Lego® News from all ova da internet and shiz. pimp: adjective - very good, excellent; cool, awe...

pimpmybricks.com pimpmybricks.com/rss

13 YodasNews.com - Star Wars Action Figures, Collectibles,...

Star Wars Daily News, Giveaways and Episode VII and Rebels News

www.yodasnews.com www.yodasnews.com/category/lego/feed/

9 Gaming At The Disco

Welcome to Gaming at the Disco. Where we post all the latest News and gossip on your favorite dolls, figures, Lego, video games and much more.

www.gamingatthedisco.com www.gamingatthedisc.../posts/default?alt=rss

9 Harry Potter's Page :: Feed Your Harry Potter Addiction...

Harry Potter News, photos, interviews with the stars, videos, and much more!

www.harrypotterspage.com www.harrypotterspage.com/tag/lego-game/feed/

8 | The Lego Horror Movie Is Totally Plausible | Internet...

Internet Action Force is a video website with video featuring original topical shorts about pop culture, nerd News, and whatever's trending on social media.

iaf.tv iaf.tv/2015/03/27/l...e-horror-trailer/feed/

8 Walyou » Lego

Cool Gadgets, New Gadgets, Tech News and Geek Design

walyou.com walyou.com/category/lego/feed/

7 Bricks And Bloks »

Lego 2016 Sets News, Reviews, Photos, Codes, Sales and More!

www.bricksandbloks.com www.bricksandbloks.com/feed/

7 Doubledumbassonyou » Lego

nerd News, nostalgia, and colorful metaphors

www.doubledumbassonyou.com www.doubledumbassonyou.com/tag/lego/feed/

7 Brickpicker Blog

Brickpicker blog articles on Lego investing, News, reviews, evaluations, discounts and more...

blog.brickpicker.com community.brickpicker.com/blog/?rss=1

6 Toys N Bricks

A Lego Community Fan Site. Coverage includes Lego News, Sales, Fan Creations and Reviews.

toysnbricks.com toysnbricks.com/feed/

5 The NXT STEP Is EV3 - Lego® MINDSTORMS® Blog

The NXT STEP Blog brings together News and information related to the Lego® MINDSTORMS® NXT & EV3 systems.

www.thenxtstep.com www.thenxtstep.com/.../posts/default?alt=rss

4 Comments On: Life As Lego Plus Cow News!

farming, gardens, cows, goats, chickens, food, organic, sustainable, photography,

thekitchensgarden.com thekitchensgarden.c...go-plus-cow-news/feed/

3 The TTV Podcast

Your one stop source for Lego and Bionicle News, Content and Discussion! Our aim is to deliver creative, informative and analytic Lego and Bionicle content, by fans for fans! ...

ttvpodcast.com ttvpodcast.com/rss

3 Bright Bricks » Latest News

Building Imagination with Lego bricks

bright-bricks.com bright-bricks.com/category/latest-news/feed/

2 Bright Bricks

Building Imagination with Lego bricks

bright-bricks.com bright-bricks.com/c...ress?wpsc_action=rss'/

1 Comments On: Movie Review: The Lego Movie

The student News site of Hammonton Middle School

hmspress.net hmspress.net/646/ar...t/the-lego-movie/feed/