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4 Travel This Earth » LivIng In Peru

FIndIng purpose through travel

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1 I Prefer LivIng In Color

Claudia, 28. Peru / Seattle. Sugar Lover • TV Addict • Bookworm • FangirlI’m In love with Lana Parrilla and that’s all that really matters. Also, mermaids. And cupca...

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0 Comments On: Spiritual Poverty In Peru

LivIng the Truth the Church Teaches

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0 Where's The Angel?

Dani. ArgentIne, LivIng In Peru. I made a post. but mInutes after I posted it, I deleted it b/c I felt annoyIng & before I know, the notes reached 1k and they keep comIng and ...

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0 E.T. Goes Home.

ML, 18. Archeology student. House Martell. Mediterranean. LivIng near Paris. FemInist. Traveller. In love with Scotland, Peru and central Asia. ~ Shahrukh Khan is the kIng ~ F...

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-1 Orquestra Pacifico Tropical

We are all homies that have been In each other’s bands sInce the dawn of time. In this band, we connect all LivIng energy together as one and brIng the house down with elect...

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