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12 WOTM Watchdog! - Keeping Ray, Todd, And Kirk Honest... ...

We are an international group of concerned freethinkers who are dedicated to exposing the hypocrisies, Logical Fallacies, and outright lies employed by "Way of the Master" and...

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3 You Are Not So Smart

You Are Not So Smart is a celebration of self delusion that explores topics related to cognitive biases, heuristics, and Logical Fallacies. David McRaney interviews scientists...

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3 Justinvacula.com » Logical Fallacies

atheism, separation of church and state, philosophy

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2 Comments On: Dr. Michael Labossiere Interview, Pt. 1 ...

Where Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom Begin

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0 Benedict's Third Testicle

Since Benedict seems to have had a double orchiectomy recently – offering up a spare! Commenting on the Grand CumberClusterfuck of What The Fry of 2014/2015. Vent away regar...

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0 Stfuprolifers

Hey, my name is Hannah! I’m an activist and advocate for reproductive justice. This blog serves to share information and resources, as well as dismantle anti-choice misinfor...

stfuprolifers.tumblr.com stfuprolifers.tumblr.com/rss

0 Unnatural Acts That Can Improve Your Thinking

A follow-up to the book "Unnatural Acts: Critical Thinking, Skepticism and Science Exposed!" by Robert Todd Carroll, creator of The Skeptic's Dictionary. The blog will offer i...

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0 Fallacy Alert

We reblog things and point out what type of Fallacies they are. We aren’t debating with you, merely suggesting you revise your argument. Note: we go after both Logical and r...

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Logically Fallacious: The ultimate collection of over 300 Logical Fallacies

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Logically Fallacious: The ultimate collection of over 300 Logical Fallacies

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Just another WordPress weblog

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