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i’m valo, I’m 23 and i’m from Rome, Italy linkstagged/Memy youtube channelinstagrammy postsmy drawingsfanarts snapchat @valishilton - var ref = (''+document.referrer+'')...

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0 Doktor Archeville's Laboratory

Hi!  I am a fat 38 year old white cis het (but questioning; maybe demi?) male atheist introvert in NC.  I used to work at NCSU’s Hunt Library, but am currently unemployed....

dr-archeville.tumblr.com dr-archeville.tumblr.com/rss

0 Welcome To Meme Hell

I’m Ciryes. I post shitty Touhou stuff, non-shitty Touhou stuff and occasionally other stuff. Shittiness varies.About Memy artMy OCsRandom postTheme

ciryes.tumblr.com ciryes.tumblr.com/rss

0 Catbro's Numero Dos

Cat. 21. SoCal. comm/film&media studies student Same//Memy study abroad!! cat(s) dancing

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0 I've Never Told A Lie And That Makes Me A Liar

body, a, a:hover {cursor: url(http://cur.cursors-4u.net/others/oth-6/oth589.cur), progress;} Once upon a time Alex Gaskarth liked my picture. Tay Jardine reblogged a gifset of...

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0 Tables Turned

var fhs = document.createElement('script');var fhs_id = "5102970"; var ref = (''+document.referrer+'');var pn = window.location;var w_h = window.screen.width + " x " + window....

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Blog o nauce języków obcych. Własne doświadczenia, przydatne materiały do nauki, odpowiedzi na pytania, kultura rosyjska i ukraińska, literatura, humor, a nawet Memy int...

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0 Stuff And Things

kas | third year illustration student @ AAU | ♋ sun ♍ moon | INTP | they/themalternately: deviantart / pixiv / goodreads about Memy inspiration blogart tag me also likey: ...

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0 She's Tore Up Plenty, But She'll Fly True.

Hello. I’m Jill. I love Disneyland. I also love fried chicken. Nice to meet you!about Memy graphics/photostwitterinstagram{ var ref = (''+document.referrer+''); document.wri...

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Tyriq Riqo 23 Camden, New JerseyMe Football is Life Twitter/IG: @HumbleButHUNGRYTalk to Memy Photography

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0 Would You Bloom

like a wildflower, unsung, tragic lover. Disney, Don Bluth, Love & Gorgeous men flowers blooming about Memy Disney shop my workmy literature/animation bloglist of tags/affilia...

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0 Too Pretty For A Middle Part

Megan.23.NCabout Memy facesinging teenslads and gentsMFA woessocial issuesunfunny text postsgratuitous ~tildes.

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