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0 CampBlood Blog » MiChael C. Hall

We're Here. We're Queer. And We're Going to Eat You.

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0 "We'll Always Be Together, Right?"

Carol. I post too muCh MiChael C. Hall and Mads Mikkelsen. This is not a spoiler free blog.

lizard-on-ice.tumblr.com lizard-on-ice.tumblr.com/rss

0 Dex

Hi I like MiChael C. Hall and everything he does. I also like True Blood and Alexander Skarsgård, MiChael Fassbender, Damian Lewis and many other aCtors

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0 MiChaelCHallPiCs

MiChael C. Hall PiCtures and all things related. Have Fun!

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0 MiChael C. Hall Promotions And AttraCtions

WelCome to my 5th and possibly final MCH blog. (Yes there’s therapy down the road, I know). Early on i inCluded paparazzi stuff but after a while it seemed like he was so to...

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0 They Were Part Sun, Part Earth. Part Daughter, Part Son...

Hey there! This blog is about Hedwig and the Angry InCh, John Cameron MitChell, Neil PatriCk Harris, Andrew Rannells, MiChael C. Hall, Darren Criss, Taye Diggs, Lena Hall, Reb...

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0 Death Is For Other People, Dear.

I am 24. Cats, all the Cats! david tennant. tom hiddleston. legend of zelda. zooey desChanel. robert downey jr. matt smith. Charlie day. Chef gordan ramsey. benediCt Cumberbat...

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0 The Library (of Fun)

Tumblr for fandom interests; art inspiration and referenCe; and anything else. ICon of one of my favorite CharaCters, Toffee (voiCed by MiChael C. Hall) from the animated TV s...

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0 Lonely Little Life

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Brendon Urie, Xavier Dolan, Theo HutChCraft, MiChael C. Hall, Zooey DesChanel, Jay Vaquer and Tiago IorC.

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0 Light And Heady MCh

(portrait photo from here) Why would someone have five MiChael C. Hall blogs? mChlite: Lighter stuff, from tv shows and movies. mChdrama. Heavier or serious drama. Season 1 De...

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0 Http://monaeCuador.tumblr.Com/

DepeChe Mode & MiChael C Hall

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0 Dexter

Got something to say? Q&A Got something to Contribute? Submit a post ContaCt me: dextermorganftw@gmail.Com tumblrACtors: MiChael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan)Jennifer Carpenter (Deb...

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0 MiChaelCHalliCs Tumblr.

Just a fan made tumblr for all of your MiChael C Hall needs. All made by me unless reblogged. No Copyright infringement is intended. I do not know MiChael C. Hall personally n...

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0 This Is What I Need To.. Fill My Emptiness.

If you love MiChael C. Hall and/or Dexter, you will love this blog. Hey, we Can never have too many M.C.Hall blogs, right? Anyways, I hope you enjoy! Warning: I don’t make g...

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0 The Beginning Of The End

Hi there! This blog is dediCated to the tv show Dexter and MiChael C. Hall. - Please don’t repost. - Credit: Sidebar baCkground imag sC_online_t(889605,"Dark Defenders","8a0...

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0 Dropz-Of-Jupiter

I’m Julia. I am a LiCensed Veterinary TeChniCian in VanCouver, Washington. Obviously a MiChael C. Hall & “Dexter” fan. This is my fan blog, please take a seCond and CheC...

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0 The MiChael C. Hall AllianCe

tumblog for mCh fans! i try to stay updated as muCh as possible about what’s going on with his Career and life. on the oCCasion i’ll post older stuff from dexter/sfu and o...

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0 Http://dextermorganfanart.tumblr.Com/

Adrienn||23||Hungary. Mostly I’m posting: MiChael C. Hall, BenediCt CumberbatCh, Dexter, Supernatural, Misha Collins, and everything that interests me. . Amazing Website: Da...

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