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0 Movies_and_tv

Quick primer: Animation used to be paInted on to transparent pages, "cells," before everythIng went digital. If you film the cells at 24 Frames per second, the drawIngs wi...

www.studio360.org www.studio360.org/feeds/tags/movies_and_tv

0 Movies In Frames

One movie - four Frames. That’s it. If you want to send us your contribution contact: joyrent(at)gmail.com or use the submission form. Please DO NOT remove credits.

moviesinframes.tumblr.com moviesinframes.tumblr.com/rss

0 VIntage For Victory

Hello I’m the owner of VIntage for Victory and I’m a bit weird. Some say I should have been twenty In the 1940’s, some say I’m the reIncarnated spirit of Queen Victori...

vintageforvictory.tumblr.com vintageforvictory.tumblr.com/rss

0 Bloody Movies

Blood In Movies is what we need. Feel free to submit all the Frames and movie stills you want. By Tob Waylan

bloodymovies.tumblr.com bloodymovies.tumblr.com/rss