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0 Paintings By Kim Ratigan

A Painting blog showcasing the watercolors Of Kim Ratigan. Subject matter includes Horses, dogs, cats and a variety Of other animals and nature themed works. Small pieces may ...

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0 Laura Barber-Riley- Equestrian Artist

I am a British artist working to master oil painting; this blog follows my works in progress and other bits and pieces surrounding my art. Most Of my work is equestrian based,...

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0 Gina M Hall Studios

I am a prOfessional animal artist, animals are my passion. On my blog you will see many Of my watercolor Paintings as well as my airbrushed sculptures Of Horses. I hope you wi...

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JULIO COTTO is a Puerto Rican multimedia artist, actor and writer originally from the projects and tenements Of the South Bronx. At age six, he moved to the South East, where ...

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