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SeMeNPeRmS.com SeMeN SPeRmS ¡sɯɹǝds ,uıʞɔnɟɹǝɥʇoɯ uǝɯǝs$=666, 12", 13, 2 Live Crew, 45’s, 50 Cent Toy Machines, 60’s Biker Soundtracks, 60’s Biker Cultur...

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Personal Posts Follow me on Instagram @mermaidbrianna My YouTube My Pinterest I’m Brianna. I’m 25. I’m from Fresno, Ca. I’ve learned a lot about life in the past few y...

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Jonathan Wolff [http://www.seinfeldmusicguy.com/] is the Michael Jordan of TV theme songs. He’s written over 40, from Will and Grace [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnpzBIJ...

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