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22 years old | New Jersey |an artist, a joker, and an avid pot smoker, I wanna try every strain and meet people who are just as fascinated by cannabis as I am. I love music, e...

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0 Nacho MontReal

Hey I’m Gabby. 18. New York. Real Madrid and Arsenal are Really important. That’s all you need to know so have fun and make yourself at home!

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Hi I’m Gabrielle, I’m 23 & from New York. Fandom-wise I’m mostly about Hannibal, The X-Files, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Sense8, Twin Peaks, and Game of Thrones. Also into fi...

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| Paulina | 17 | New York | USA | Latina | Real Madrid | Chelsea | Argentina NT | Spain NT | USMNT |

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-1 Comments On: David De Gea ‘SIGNS New Five-year Manche...

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