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0 Spiritual Power!

Dash. but you can call me Dashie/Satsuki/Nozomi. INFP. They/Them. I’m an nineteen year old androgynous dfab weeb that writes fanfiction, watches anime, and hopes to Cosplay ...

the-great-an...suki.tumblr.com the-great-and-powerful-satsuki.tumblr.com/rss

0 Dat Homestuck Though~

YO BRO~! Wassup? My name is Rozu-chan~. I am a beginner Cosplayer. I am in love with anime and Homestuck and Final Fantasy X and XIII. *Top Five Animes: 5:Black Rock Shooter 4...

uchiha-toya.tumblr.com uchiha-toya.tumblr.com/rss

0 야누스

Sarah, also known as Reizna, Queen, Evie, Kaz. Level 22. Fourth-year uni student, studying Psychology. Cosplayer. Geek. Master procrastinator. Multi-fandom but primarily a Onc...

villettas.tumblr.com villettas.tumblr.com/rss