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20 PagerDuty » Sam LewiS

We wake you up when S*IT breakS

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0 S&P Dow JoneS IndiceS - HouSingViewS

S&P'S Blog on the HouSing Market

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0 R I S I N G

Sam WincheSter • The Boy Who RunS[indie young!Sam rp Blog. Sam iS Seventeen. There will be Smut occaSionally. PleaSe read about and ruleS. Tag iS oxxlord.]

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0 PagerDuty » Sam LewiS

We wake you up when S*IT breakS

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0 Blog N° 1 DU SNOOKER

[g]Bienvenue Sur le Blog de référence du Snooker[/g] [S]A découvrir Sur le Blog:[/S] -Suivi de touS leS tournoiS proS (rankingS, qualificationS, PTC, invitationS, ...) -Sui...

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0 #WintercheSterDefenSe

ACKLES AF. J2 LOVE. Loyal JenSen AckleS fan.Jared Padalecki Supporter.J2’S friendShip iS eternal.ThiS Blog iS hate free! POPULAR CONTENT JENSEN ACKLES | JARED PADALECKI | J2...

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0 I MiSS Sam Worthington

Alicia, 23, Canadian. Scarlett JohanSSon and Jeremy Renner both frequent thiS Blog regularly. What a couple of aSSholeS.  Renner(S) ruining liveS

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0 Sam & Bobby Playing Strip Poker.

26. ChriStian, a poet and artiSt, INFJ. AlSo known aS herbailiwick and johncroftianlullaby. Art and Blog curSor by SemirahroSe. [100%, 100%] My OTP iS Sambby: Sam WincheSter/B...

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0 You Like That Baby Boy?

ThiS iS a Sex-poSitive art and perSonal Blog. Frequently NSFW. Sam!girl. SpoilerS are tagged. I Ship #Sam/Jack #SamceSt and #WinceSt CommiSSionS: CloSed ▶B U Y S T U F F ▶...

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0 Amypeck2011'S Blog

Blog all about The Following, Sam Underwood, JameS Purefoy, Valorie Curry, Fifty ShadeS of Grey

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0 DreamForever

Shari/27/TexaS Battling depreSSion and an anxiety diSorder. DiagnoSed with Bipolar DiSorder in March 2013. WARNING: ThiS Blog iS a cluSterfuck of whatever I want. I would chec...

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0 Sam WincheSter IS My Demon JeSuS

Hey. I’m Gabby and thiS iS my Blog. I’m 18, from New York and going to college in Ohio. Female, STEM Student, feminiSt, half ChineSe (HK), artiSt, extroverted introvert, a...

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0 One Side Of A Two-Sided Coin

I’m Sam, I’m 19, and living in NY. I tend to poSt lotS of Stuff from the Marvel UniverSe(S), but I am in too many fandomS to liSt, So thiS iS not Strictly a Marvel Blog. I...

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JuSt a Blog for HQ pictureS of your favourite girlS! 1PS 2EYES 2NE1 Bom | CL | Dara | Minzy | 4LadieS 4minute Gayoon | Hyuna | Jihyun | Jiyoon | Sohyun | 4TEN 5dollS Chanmi | ...

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0 S T E R E K

helloSterek -> deputydarriSh -> Sterekbootie(I track all three tagS.) Hiya, I’m Sam! I’m juSt your typical, run-of-the-mill Sterek Shipper going for an EngliSh major. My b...

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0 ADDICTION: Team Free Will - DeStiel - Sterek -♥

Welcome SweetheartS♥ CAUTION: you entered to a magic-gay-page full with OTP´S and Spn feelingS♥ WARNING: LOTS OF FLASHBACKS AND MEMORIES THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO DROWN YOUR...

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0 ♀♀ Our LiveS Stretched Out Ahead Of US, A Perpetual...

| Sam | 25 | She/her | hella gay | Sq vS. xg “The city filled with dead StarS and a girl I call Coma White. ThiS iS my Omega.”“You were from a perfect world, a world tha...

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0 Time To Get Spoopy

My name iS Rebecca. ThiS iS my main Blog. You can find linkS to my other BlogS on here aS well. Have a good day!

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0 Filthy GlamDoll

Hello DollfaceS… Currently a college Student purSuing ‘whatever’ degree that won’t leave me broke aS f*ck! I LOVE: - SUPERNATURAL - Veteran Since 2005. Sam and Dean ow...

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0 The Love Of Two HeartS

A Blog of a Whovian, Sherlockian, Supernatural fan, and fanfiction writer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Bobby to my Dean ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Sam to my Dean ♥...

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