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0 Bulgarian Kid

Hi, My name is Borislav and I’m from Sofia,Bulgaria I like the sport,movies,music,Games,tattoos,military history and some art. I’m born in 22 January 1996, I’m Aquarius ...

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0 We Only Have One Life.

My name is Tsvetelina.14 years old.I’m from Sofia,Bulgaria. Jennifer Lawrence•Josh Hutcherson•The Hunger Games• The Maze Runner•Newt•Thomas Sangster•Teen Wolf•...

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0 All You Need Is Love

Sofia, 21. Buenos Aires, Argentina. || The Hunger Games, LOTR, Harry Potter, Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, Game of Thrones, TFIOS, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, The Mortal ...

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0 The High Roller - Mikael.blomkvist@millennium.se

“She is a very lonely and odd person… socially introverted. Doesn’t like talking about herself. At the same time she is a person with a strong will. She has morals.” -...

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