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0 What A Dreamy Existence

☆Cosmo☆Nonbinary☆they/he☆ this my personal blog. I Cosplay, draw, and write sometimes. I’m into Homestuck, Steven Universe, Space Dandy, Game Grumps and some other s...

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ain’t got no potions, no strategies, no hope. all reblogs/inspo/art/Cosplay thrown in together here, but feel free to use the handy Dandy tag links. main things are the SMT ...

barfingprince.tumblr.com barfingprince.tumblr.com/rss

0 Living The Anime Dream

Sup, I’m Sprightly Cartoonist! Someday I’ll become anime club president, Someday. Cons I’m going to (probably): Another Anime Convention 2015 Anime Boston 2016 Cons I’...

sprightlycartoonist.tumblr.com sprightlycartoonist.tumblr.com/rss

0 The Name's Kayla. Got It Memorized?

Kayla | 19 | usa | she/her Main Fandoms: Dragon Age, Kingdom Hearts, Skyrim, Saints Row, Until Dawn, Mass Effect, Fable, KoA: Reckoning, Mr. Robot, Sense8, Supernatural, Torch...

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0 Space Danni: A Dandy Girl In Space

My name is Danni and I’m a big fat nerd who loves Cosplay, anime, video games, spooky things, psychology, human bodies, and everything cute and cuddley. If you like those th...

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