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0 True, There Were Side Effects

currently a: lotr blog with a heavy dose of almighty johnsons (check my /tagged/watch-tv it’s worth it I swear- I tag everything in the show as ‘taj’) my tags for your b...

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I’m young 18yo femboy tranny. Tight, flatchested, but have puffy nipples like Teen girl. Please read more about me on FAQ page Love mature daddies much elder then me (prefer...

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0 Stars. Can't Do It. Not Today.

Justine. Sup nerds. vocal feminist. pro-choice. democrat. mermaid. Obsessed with jellyfish. This blog is about whatever I’m passionate about. Potential topics include needle...

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0 Kahn On Tumblr

30-something. Lady-person. Geek-girl. Gamer. Reader. Writer-type. Occasionally confuzzled by this whole tumblr-thing. IMPORTANT: I would like anyone who follows me to be comfo...

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0 Blanket Of Clouds

ephe. 27. jakarta. pocket-sized asian. waiting for quarter-life crisis to set in. liberal, frequently outraged, mostly nerdy. passionate about pop culture, memes, equality, an...

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0 Autism And "Fuck Your Shit"

I need trigger warnings for Rape and abuse.Spoon meter: My Face // My Writing // My Shepard Call me Becca. 22. Western Massachusetts. Autistic. Revolutionary intersectional so...

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