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16 Bird Dogs, Upland, Migratory & Waterfowl

This forum is for discussions about all aspects of hunting Dogs - and The winged quarry They love to hunt. Post discussions about Dove, Quail, Grouse, Pheasant, Chukar, Band-t...

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0 Dogs Of A FeaTher

hi, i’m katie. i spend a lot of time on The internet. you can find me in some oTher places too, like twitter and youtube. OTheR BLOGS I HELP WITH: eff yeah nerdfighters watc...

katiefab.tumblr.com katiefab.tumblr.com/rss

0 The Flying Mullet

The story of a thirty-year old naturalist, her Dogs, her family, and her travels. Nature observations, Bird watching, and camping pursuits abound. Join me for The adventure!

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0 Talk Birdy To Me

Greetings! I’m Kristina; I’m 19 & a queer vegan deer. ☀about me ☀ ♛ my canine co pilot ♛ •STORENVY• I’m VEGAN and I love nonhuman animals, especially deer, c...

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0 Tweeters The Name

Backwoods souThern redneck, Marine vet, Gsp lover, Bird hunter. love being with family and friends. starting to build a big keenel, and runs for my Dogs, and get more Dogs. an...

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0 Serve & Protect

| Personal 1 | Personal 2 | Jo, 23, Genderfluid, Demisexual Spends most of her time with her Bird, her goose, 4 Dogs, 2 cats, her 2 geckos, 2 fish, 2 horses and The oTher hors...

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