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36 Soapbox Science

a community guest blog from nature.com

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14 For The People: U.S. Citizen Services Blog

Mission Germany's U.S. Citizen Services Blog

blogs.usembassy.gov blogs.usembassy.gov...any-forthepeople/feed/

1 Comments On: Subscribe To Our Blogs

Citizen Economists is an online economics magazine written by Citizen journalists. These ordinary Citizens provide reports and commentary on The current events affecting The e...

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0 Comments On: Coop’s Scoop: Amphibian And Reptile Citi...

Projects, people, and perspectives fueling new frontiers for Citizen science.

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0 Blog Borg Collective

We're described as Citizen Journalists somewhat akin to CBC's Fifth Estate of "investigative journalism, to challenge assumptions and question conventional wisdom". Where news...

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0 National Guard Life

Follow us for a candid look at The lives of our Citizen-Soldiers, from Their civilian day jobs to drill weekend and beyond. Also, if you are an ARNG Soldier or Supporter, tag ...

nationalguardlife.tumblr.com nationalguardlife.tumblr.com/rss

0 Jacquelinnas®

Independent, Hot Puerto Rican Woman, Freelance Photographer & aspiring writer. My passion, photography. My Obsession, cooking…. A natural leader, born this way. With a BA in...

jacquelinnas.tumblr.com jacquelinnas.tumblr.com/rss

0 Nah Bruh Nah

hello, namelss Citizen. I am one of those “ I reblog what ever I like” Blogs. I draw all sorts of things and have enough confidence to share Them with you. I would like to...

asdeadasasquirrel.tumblr.com asdeadasasquirrel.tumblr.com/rss

-1 Comments On: Hiking In The Appalachian Mountains? Here...

Projects, people, and perspectives fueling new frontiers for Citizen science.

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