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4 Recycled Electrons

Astronomy and science Chatter from astronomers Chris Lintott and Robert Simpson. Recorded in the heart of Oxford on the finest land available. Follow us @recycledelec on Twitt...

recycledelec.com recycledelec.com/rss

0 Eponis | Sinope

My outlet for fannishness, mostly Dragon Age and Hamilton these days. Fic is on AO3. Chatter is on Twitter. She/her. If you’re here because of that “Everything Is Awful”...

eponis.tumblr.com eponis.tumblr.com/rss

0 Chatter Creative

Visit Chatter Creative : www.Chattercreative.com Follow us on Twitter : @Chattercreative.com

chattercreat...ns.blogspot.com chattercreativesolu.../posts/default?alt=rss

0 Mei Fangirling

I don’t really post, so much as I explode with fangirly love. Be aware I tend to swear quite a bit, I blame being introduced to profanity late in my adolescence. If I offend...

msmeiriona.tumblr.com msmeiriona.tumblr.com/rss

0 JSG's Tumblr

I am an editor of books for children and young adults and the publisher of Dutton Children’s Books. Opinions (of which I have many) are entirely my own. Expect a lot of text...

jsgabel.tumblr.com jsgabel.tumblr.com/rss