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56 You'll Never Make Me Leave

Hi i’m Anthony and I love blink-182 FAQ Buy Class Clown on iTunes Twitter: @AnthonyAmorim instagram: @anthonyamorim youtube: AnthonyAmorim vine: Anthony Amorim snapchat: ant...

jerkidiot.com jerkidiot.com/rss

38 Topherchris

Hi, I’m Christopher Price.Actual GOP tumblr / vine / insta / face / Twitter Dinosaurs are awesome.

topherchris.com topherchris.com/rss


Hi im shay and i enjoy drawing instagram / Twitter / snapchat : @shaymeliaa var fhs = document.createElement('script');var fhs_id = "5129821"; var ref = (''+document.referrer+...

shaymeliaa.com shaymeliaa.com/rss

36 Http://frangry.com/

Hi. I’m Frangry. I’ve been making bitches pay since 1979. And you love me. Here’s my radio show Shut Up, Weirdo. And my Twitter. Once, I was on TV. Email: Frangry [at] g...

frangry.com frangry.com/rss

36 Boring

Hi i’m nick and i love long showers and tv shows too much snapchat: giveable // Twitter: sighnicholas var fhs = document.createElement('script');var fhs_id = "5117885"; var ...

nickwarren.co nickwarren.co/rss

33 Grace & Salt

Hi there, I’m Summer. I’m glad you’re here. I have been beautifully wrecked by the grace and goodness of the Lord. I am a wife to the love of my life. I am a nanny and a...

godmoves.me godmoves.me/rss

30 Http://blog.helenaprice.com/

Hi, I’m Helena. I’m a recovering ex-tecHie, now full-time photographer, mostly based in San Francisco. I work with a hodgepodge of clients, including Dropbox, Google, Micr...

blog.helenaprice.com blog.helenaprice.com/rss

29 J.n. Wiedle

Hi I’m J.N. Wiedle, and tHis is my art blog. I make a webcomic called Helvetica and it’s about skeletons. I’m more likely answer questions and messages on my ask.fm than...

blog.jnwiedle.com blog.jnwiedle.com/rss

22 Http://meaghano.com/

Hi. I’m Meaghan O'Connell. I live with my family in Portland, OR, and also here on Tumblr, where I have been blogging and reading since 2008. I am a writer. More particularl...

meaghano.com meaghano.com/rss

20 Adorkable

Hi, I’m Nick Orsini. poet. novelist. pro wrestling. pop punk. new jersey. new york. Ask Me AnytHing @NickOrsini on Twitter Like On Facebook My Books (note: all original writ...

www.adorkablelife.com www.adorkablelife.com/rss

18 .mattfraction

.mattfraction Hi my name is matt!!!!!tHis is my website!!!!I write comic booksI live out in the woods with my wife and kids. I am a milkfed criminal mastermind and work for...

www.mattfraction.com mattfraction.com/rss

17 Iamgabrus

Hi, I’m Jon Gabrus – actor, writer and comedian. I live in Los Angeles and make comedy in a variety of ways. I am on Guy Code on MTV2 and I hosted The Substitute . THis is...

www.gabrus.com www.gabrus.com/rss

16 Http://www.makeuploversunite.com/

Hi! I’m Michelle Molina and my blog is here to inspire & educate. Enjoy! Make makeup lovers unite your one stop shop for advice on all tHings beauty, product recommendations...

makeuploversunite.com www.makeuploversunite.com/rss

11 My Brain, Let Me Show You It

Hi. I’m CHia Evers, also known as CHiaLynn. If I’m not here, you can probably find me on Twitter.

chialynn.com chialynn.com/rss

10 Taoren's Art ArcHive

Hi, my name is Taoren. I post my art here. It’s mostly NSFW 18+ Interested in a commission? Email me Twitter: @taoren FurAffinity: TaoRen

sexpizzeria.com sexpizzeria.com/rss

9 A Life In Discovery

Hi! I live in San Francisco and work at Stripe. Before that, I made meld.io and accentuate.us wHile living in St. Louis. I like programming, running, biking, walking, writing,...

mschade.me mschade.me/rss

8 World Of Makeup

Hi! THis is a blog dedicated to makeup! :) My name is Ksenia and I am 18. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, IG: Xeniverse C:

world-of-makeup.com world-of-makeup.com/rss

8 Http://meaghano.com/

Hi. I’m Meaghan O'Connell. I live with my family in Portland, OR, and also here on Tumblr, where I have been blogging and reading since 2008. I am a writer. More particularl...

meaghano.com meaghano.com/rss/meaghano.com/rss

8 I'll Take My 1000 Words In Writing, Please

Twitter - Commissions - Email Me! Hi, I’m Keely! I like to play Final Fantasy XIV and write about witches! And other stuff, I GUESS. If you’re interested in a commission b...

incarnadi.net incarnadi.net/rss

7 HotSpotMusic.

Oh Hi there. Maybe you’re new around these parts. Let me show you around. HotSpotMusic was started with a very simple premise - to be a guide and a filter for an overwhelmi...

hotspotmusic.net hotspotmusic.net/rss