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7 Illustraction Gallery

Vintage and rare Posters (Movies, music, comics, advertising) devoted to iconic actors, actresses, artists and illustrators from 1960 and beyond. Check my gallery: illustracti...

blog.illustractiongallery.com blog.illustractiongallery.com/rss

0 I Am The Danger.

• 25 • Graphic Designer • México • I feel an insane love for: •GORE♥ / Horror / B-Movies •Classic Monsters •Charles Bukowski ♥ •Breaking Bad, motherfucker...

bride-of-fra...nape.tumblr.com bride-of-frankensnape.tumblr.com/rss

0 Vintage Cover Art

Call me an autistic genius. not just autistic but artistic. My interests are, alternative rock, music, TV, classic rock, old school video games, classic Posters, Movies, movie...

vintagewarhol.tumblr.com vintagewarhol.tumblr.com/rss

0 Rather Have The Blues

Go With Me Somewhere… A line from David Lynch’s film, Mulholland Drive, and, for me, its modest invitation, with only the slightest tremor, captures the dare and risk at t...

ratherhavetheblues.tumblr.com ratherhavetheblues.tumblr.com/rss