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You did REAL good, kid! I won’t forget it. Here, go get yourself a PIZZA.ABOUT METREM NIKSEK TREMGIF.core MURDERKONGFACEBOOKCONTACT||| PRESS & EVENTS ||| Museum of the Movin...

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0 A Wild Nerd Appears.

Hello, I’m Alysha. 19, Melbourne, female, gay, LGBTIQA+ friendly blog. I like the nerdy things and I’m always up for a chat, (: window.jQuery || document.write('').ig-b- {...

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0 Marla's Days

Miss Anthrope - Winona Adamon Drink your life and smoke your time [he]Art, Wild & Free Illustration, painting, photography & inspirations WHO .ig-b- { display: inline-block; }...

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0 Some Weirdos In Oregon

This blog chronicles the lives of three long-time friends in their 20’s (and their cats) after moving from Pennsylvania into a little apartment in Eugene, Oregon. It’s som...

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0 Longe De Você.

Gustavo Rodrigues, 19 anos. Peixes. “Meu escritório é na praia. Eu tô sempre na área. Mas eu não sou. Da tua láia, não!” • • .ig-b- { display: inline-block; } ....

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