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39 World Resources Institute - Finance

Securing a sustainable, climate-resilient future will require significant investment. For example, research shows that by 2020, the World will need to invest $5.7 trillion ann...

www.wri.org www.wri.org/taxonomy/term/9640/feed

22 World Resources Institute - Business

The World’s economies are built on natural Resources like water, forests, minerals, and fossil fuels. But these Resources—and the businesses and communities that rely on t...

www.wri.org www.wri.org/taxonomy/term/74/feed

11 IFAC - Performance & Financial Management

WHAT DO WE MEAN BY PERFORMANCE & FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT? Performance & financial management covers the management, process, and behavioral aspects of strategy execution, and ma...

www.ifac.org www.ifac.org/taxonomy/term/308/feed

7 International Journal Of Linguistics

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LINGUISTICS (ISSN 1948-5425) which is an online scholarly journal, peer-reviewed, published by Macrothink Institute. The journal encourages submission...

ijl.macrothink.org www.macrothink.org/...FeedGatewayPlugin/rss2

5 Lowy Institute For International Policy | Poverty

Overview Despite sustained economic growth in much of the developing World, the causes of poverty have not been addressed in many countries and living standards remain low. Th...

www.lowyinstitute.org www.lowyinstitute.org/taxonomy/term/904/feed

4 The Green Power Group

The Green Power Market Development Group is a collaboration of 12 leading corporations and the World Resources Institute dedicated to building corporate markets for green powe...

www.thegreenpowergroup.org www.thegreenpowergroup.org/feed/

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0 MoMA PS1

MoMA PS1 is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit contemporary art institutions in the United States. An exhibition space rather than a collecting institution, MoMA PS1 devo...

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