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40 Gear Patrol

Spirit Of Adventure, Passion For Gear

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0 Things Of Interest

30, bi guy, photographer, jack of all trades, former nomad, professional mariner, solitary traveler, historical reenactor, designer, former expat, sidecar motorcyclist, tallsh...

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0 A Picture With Books

I’m Bre Obsessed With: Vinyl Records Triumph Motorcycles Rain Music Art History Adventure Alaska Mountains Beards Kinfolk Simplicity Lumberjacks Hiking Fleet Foxes Seattle T...

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0 Coyote Saint

“Coyote up on the mountain topBlood in his jaws, the bone, he dropsSays no tame dog is ever,Ever gonna take this bone.”-VelvetUndergroundI am: Vegan ,panromantic /polyfide...

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A. 23Little tiny wealthy Switzerlandart - photography - girls - sometimes boys - sleeping - wine - music - sofas - cinema - books - travelling - Greece - sitting in the grass ...

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Bianca, 22 years old. British. I work in a bar. Mostly Reblog: Breaking Bad The Office Scandinavia Tolkien Larsson Radiohead Sigur Ros Regular Show Adventure Time Motorcycles ...

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