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26 Al Jazeera America

Visit Al Jazeera America for human stories at the heart of the news with unbiased, fact-based, in-depth reporting.

aljazeeraamerica.tumblr.com aljazeeraamerica.tumblr.com/rss

7 Colin Fitzpatrick

I am a writer and artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Former producer for The Daily and PBS, and Al Jazeera America. Currently the Creative Projects Editor at Storyful. I Also writ...

colinfitzpatrick.com colinfitzpatrick.com/rss

3 We Stand With Shaker

Shaker Aamer is free! At lunchtime on 30 October 2015, Shaker Aamer arrived back in the UK from Guantánamo, where he had been held for just over 5000 days, despite being firs...

www.westandwithshaker.org westandwithshaker.org/rss

0 David Dayen

Welcome to the Internet home of David Dayen. I am a contributing writer to SAlon.com, and a weekly columnist at The FiscAl Times. I have been writing about politics since 2004...

www.t.co daviddayen.tumblr.com/rss

0 Fault Lines

Al Jazeera’s Fault Lines takes you beyond the headlines and holds the powerful to account, as we examine the US’ role in the world. Airs on Al Jazeera English and Al Jazee...

ajfaultlines.tumblr.com ajfaultlines.tumblr.com/rss

-1 Comments On: Lawsuit Alleges That Al Jazeera America Di...

You Can See the Whole Middle East from Here.

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