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11 For Orchestra

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0 For Orchestra

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0 SuckIng In Air Like A DyIng Fish

I’m Susan, and I’m currently goIng through an existential crisis. Aquarius Sun. Cancer Moon. Sagittarius RisIng. 🌬💋☃💄I like Alice In ChaIns maybe a little too m...

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0 Warm Your Weary Bones

Instagram: warmyourbones I’m just a weirdo who loves bones, goth culture, horror moves, gore, and most of all, anythIng highly disturbIng. Bone scavengIng Tea, readIng, writ...

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0 Grunge Is Not Fashion

16 | Grunge | Rock | Red Hot Chili Peppers | Nirvana | Alice In ChaIns | Soundgarden | Pearl Jam | Temple of the Dog | Mother Love Bone | Hole | Mad Season | No Doubt | Foo Fi...

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0 I'll Ride The Wave Where It Takes Me

Kyllie. 18 yrs. Near Seattle. I’m In love with Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam and Alice In ChaIns. I don’t thInk I could live without music. var ref = (''+document.referrer+'...

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0 '90s Rock

ALL ROCK MUSIC OF THE 1990S, hopefully coverIng as many bands as possible. We’re aware that some of these bands aren’t technically from the ‘90s (Malfunkshun, Green Rive...

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0 The Drug In Me Is You

Lizzie|A7X|Green Day|Nirvana|My Chemical Romance|Fall Out Boy|Paramore|Slipknot|Stone Sour|Korn|Alice In ChaIns|Michael Jackson

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0 Fight Off Your Demons.

my name’s hunter.capricorn.Our lives are our own.i listen to a wide variety of music. such as: modest mouse, brand new, la dispute, margot & the nuclear so and so’s, logic...

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0 Music > EverythIng

The Names Kyle aka K.G. There is Not much you need to know about me but here you go:19yrs old, I love metal(thrash, death, melodic, doom, black…etc),Into rock, if the moods ...

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0 Who Ever Said Grunge Was Dead?

14/NYC (she/her) polysexual (?) scorpio nirvana, foo fighters, smashIng pumpkIns, gorillaz, twentyonepilots, marIna and the diamonds, Alice In ChaIns, and many more send me as...

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I play guitar and piano. I like to write, read and draw. I’m a sarcastic as hell. I’ve got a strange obsession with poetry and other centuries. Bands: Alter Bridge, Mark T...

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0 Deviously Devious

Jenny//31//WA, USACaffeIne addicted fangirl MOVIES→The Boondock SaInts, Trick ‘R Treat, Sherlock Holmes, NInja AssassIn, The Avengers, Big Hero 6, & horror movies In gener...

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0 MissIng Layne Staley

I just really like Alice In ChaIns, Game of Thrones, and pugs.

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0 .vermillion.

Ivana, 29, from Lazarevac, Serbia. LivIng In Belgrade. Translator. Food lover. Metalhead. Lacuna Coil, TesseracT, Soilwork, Slipknot, Stone Sour, Korn, Evergrey, Evanescence, ...

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0 Amphitrite

Rock.Metal.Queen.Metallica. The Pretty Reckless. Faith No More. Alice In ChaIns. Books.Edgar Allan Poe.Howard Phillips Lovecraft.Charles Bukowski.Converse.High Heels.Red Lipst...

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0 It's A Crime

Supernaut. Central Europe. ‘95 TOOL, Alice In ChaIns, Black Sabbath, Nick Cave&The Bad Seeds, Pearl Jam & ALSO Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Supernatural, TwIn Peaks☮ See y...

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0 Hopper-for-Lucy

Lucy. MATT DILLON, Jerry Cantrell, MartIn Scorsese,Louis Garrel, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sofia Coppola, Dennis Hopper, French New-Wave, Alice In ChaIns, Pearl Jam. ect. Submit!

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🌼 HELLO, I HOPE YOU’RE DOInG GOOD. 18 | BVB. Alice In ChaIns. Metallica. Black Sabbath. FOB. AND MORE.| Wassup boys and girls

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