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30 Create Digital Music

Making Music with technology

createdigitalmusic.com createdigitalmusic.com/feed/



booooooom.com www.booooooom.com/feed/


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maxabelson.com maxabelson.com/rss

14 UBC School Of Music

Learn, Create, Perform | Live Music at UBC

music.ubc.ca music.ubc.ca/hello-world/feed/

14 UBC School Of Music

Learn, Create, Perform | Live Music at UBC

music.ubc.ca music.ubc.ca/feed/

11 Video Blogster Pro » Music Comedy

Easily Create your own media site!

videoblogsterpro.com videoblogsterpro.com/tag/music-comedy/feed/

11 Video Blogster Pro » Music

Easily Create your own media site!

videoblogsterpro.com videoblogsterpro.com/tag/music/feed/

10 Anthelian NSFW

Anthelian is NSFW. If you are under 18 or offended by nudity, madness, blasphemy, kink, blood, or me, please go away - nothing personal - but this is not the place for you… ...

www.anthelian.com anthelian.tumblr.com/rss

9 Nintendo ♪

This blog is dedicated to all of Nintendo’s Music throughout the years, ran by one young man named Andrew who loves video game soundtracks! Please enjoy your stay, thank you...

nintendocompositions.com nintendocompositions.com/rss

9 UBC School Of Music » High Notes

Learn, Create, Perform | Live Music at UBC

music.ubc.ca music.ubc.ca/SOMnews/highnotes/feed/

8 2a - Project: Listen Like A Producer And Engineer

OVERVIEW In this module, you’ll be introduced to techniques for identifying instruments, sound sources, and vocal timbres [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timbre] (e.g., gu...

community.pl...thyourmusic.org community.playwithy...r-and-engineer/117.rss

8 4a - Project: Exploring And Listening To Music Multitra...

OVERVIEW The fourth module of #PWYM is designed for you to apply the critical listening skills you developed in the beginning of the course to explore multitrack recordings ...

community.pl...thyourmusic.org community.playwithy...c-multitracks/1607.rss

8 3a - Project: Listening For Musical Structures

OVERVIEW In this module, you'll be introduced to techniques for how to listen for Musical structure over time in a recording. We'll build on the perceived space graph from M...

community.pl...thyourmusic.org community.playwithy...al-structures/1313.rss

8 The 7th Avenue Project: Thinking Persons' Radio

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7thavenueproject.com 7thavenueproject.com/rss


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www.hernameisbanks.com www.hernameisbanks.com/rss

8 Pharrell

Pharrell Williams is a creative force, using Music, fashion, and design to express his distinctive style. From his beginnings as a teenage prodigy and multi-instrumentalist in...

tumblr.pharrellwilliams.com tumblr.pharrellwilliams.com/rss

7 JournalHome.com Free Blog Host

JournalHome.com is a free service that allows you to own a great online journal or blog. Store everything, images, podcasts, photos, your thoughts. Play your Music. Share your...

www.journalhome.com www.journalhome.com/rss/

7 Music To Write Code To

Utilising people and technology to Create business value.

blog.david-jensen.com blog.david-jensen.com/feed/

6 Glitter & Grunge Studio

Glitter and Grunge Studio is where imagination and inspiration mingle to Create art and Music which reflects the grittiness of humanity made beautiful by supernatural love and...

www.glitterandgrungestudio.com www.glitterandgrung.../posts/default?alt=rss

6 Maybe I Can Share Something...

Music, especially song, is the most human of the arts. It needs no materials or tools other than the ear and the throat - along with mind and heart. When we sing alone, we are...

www.cajunbass.blogspot.com cajunbass.blogspot..../posts/default?alt=rss