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0 Comics, Comics Everywhere!

I’m not saying i have the best comic blog on tumblr but i am definitely in the top one.MESSAGE WARNING!I get a LOT of messages. You are a LOT more likely to get a reply if y...

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0 Suicide Squad!

SuicideSquadSOURCE - your first site dedicated to the upcoming movie Warner Bros. Pictures ‘Suicide Squad’, you can enjoy the movie on August 5, 2016 in cinemas! Suicide S...

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0 Can't I Keep Pretending To Be Your Son?

This is an all things Dc cinematic universe appreciation blog including JLA, Batman vs Superman, the Man of Steel sequel/s, Suicide Squad and other Dc related cinematic work. ...

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0 Man Of Steel - Batman V Superman - JUSTICE LEAGUE

Dc MOVIE NEWS. Set Photos. Press. Rumors. Man of Steel [ARCHIVE] : Jun 14, 2013. Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice : Mar 25, 2016. Suicide Squad : Aug 5, 2016. Wonder Woman ...

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0 Diloj

🐝you can call me queen bee🐝 Izmir//Torontoi am hell in high heels, uncontrollable fangirl who worships every inch of Dc Comics and Marvel Entertainment, Beyoncé admirer...

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0 K H O U R I

Dc Comics Editor Omega Men | Hellblazer | Justice League United | Martian Manhunter | Doctor Fate | New Suicide Squad QUESTIONS

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