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0 Meladramas

Jazz Vocalist, Fine and Digital Artist Pamela MacCarthy's "Meladramas" - Tales of an ex-New Yorker's World, working and residing in Tokyo, Japan. Includes her featured Artwork...

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0 Cosmic Digital Star Child

Androgynous/Androgyne, They/Them/Theirs, Polyamorous, Grey Asexual, 20  Dumb nerd anime loser trash from Tokyo now living in Reading, UK Forever the Kamen Rider of my heart (...

smilingrider.tumblr.com smilingrider.tumblr.com/rss

0 Analog In Toronto

I have analog cameras on the brain all the time. Because of this I see them everywhere I go, and to illustrate this bias for the World I did what any mostly sane man would do:...

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