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46 The Absolute Best Gifs

The best Gifs there are, each Gif has at least 1,000 notes, so you know it’s quality. Follow now to get the best Gifs around, and submit your own! Click here to follow WAU_s...

gifs.1000notes.com gifs.1000notes.com/rss

38 Emma's Photography

hi i’m emma and yes i am canadian faq/ask photography My posts Popular posts Sailor Moon Blog Gif Blog Follow Forever Submit Links var ref = (''+document.referrer+''); docum...

petcanadian.ca petcanadian.ca/rss

34 Art F City » Gif Of The Day

New York art news and reviews.

artfcity.com artfcity.com/category/gif-of-the-day/feed/

34 Socialite LifeGif Lists - Socialite Life

Celebrity News, Photos and Gossip

www.socialitelife.com www.socialitelife.com/tag/gif-lists/feed

33 Caveman Circus » Gifs

The Most Awesome Men's Entertainment Site On The Internet

www.cavemancircus.com cavemancircus.com/category/gif-2/feed/

33 エロGifエロ画像VIPCLE -びっぷくる- | 2chま...


vipcle.com vipcle.com/comments/feed

33 エロGifエロ画像VIPCLE -びっぷくる- | 2chま...


vipcle.com vipcle.net/comments/feed

33 エロGifエロ画像VIPCLE -びっぷくる- | 2chま...


vipcle.com vipcle2.com/comments/feed

32 Stay Shotgun Until The Day I Die

Lullys | 27 | Brazilwincest + j2+ Sam!girl + Jared!girl avid fic reader and hurtful Gif makerwhy i ship wincest Minncon 2016 var ref = (''+document.referrer+''); var w_h = win...

bitchjerk.com bitchjerk.com/rss

32 Pi-Slices

Gif Artist. Creator of Gif Artists Collective. Content Contributor for Cross Connect. var ref = (''+document.referrer+''); var w_h = window.screen.width + " x " + window.scree...

pislices.ca pislices.ca/rss

29 The Political Notebook

This site is run by Torie Rose DeGhett, who is these days usually found reporting on defense/security for VICE News. She also does other freelancing and has been published by ...

thepoliticalnotebook.com thepoliticalnotebook.com/rss

29 Seattlish

A tumblog about Seattle. Politics, drinking, obscenities, cute animals. Brought to you by a trio of mouthy broads.Community Guidelines. Read ‘em.“They seem very out of tou...

seattlish.com seattlish.com/rss