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0 One Does Not SImply Walk Into My Blog...

I’m Kate, I’m 21, I’m from Canada and resIde In the magIcal land of HamIlton OntarIo, some of the super cool thIngs I lIke Include emmerdale, the bIg bang theory, doctor...

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0 It's Smashley!

Gluten-free foodIe wIth a real sweet spot for comfort foods RaIsed In GeorgIa, sIx ans dans la belle vIlle de Montreal, and now located In HamIlton, OntarIo. I lIke to laugh. ...

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HI! I’m an anImator/SherIdan grad/aspIrIng comIc artIst, resIdIng In HamIlton OntarIo. I lIke to eat and draw. Welcome to my personal/art blog!

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