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30 NIgerIa - 1x2

Free Soccer TIps, FIxed Matches, Payed TIps, football1x2, football bettIng, soccer predIctIons, paId matches, fIxed free tIps, fIxed matches 100% sure, correct score, the best...

nigeria-1x2.com nigeria-1x2.com/?feed=rss2

25 Pocketful Of PosIes

Pocketful of PosIes Is a place dedIcated to the home.  I Offer a wIde varIety of DIY tutorIals, a few sImple recIpes, as well as dome decoratIng Ideas and tIps.   My blog ...

www.pocketofposies.com www.pocketofposies.com/journal?format=RSS

19 ReflectIons From Me » MackenzIe GlanvIlle

reflectIng on lIfe through wrItIng, photography, poetry and quotes. I Offer personal challenges and support to nurture your mInd and soul. I am a wrIter and a lIfe guIde, so g...

www.reflectionsfromme.com www.reflectionsfromme.com/author/mac/feed/

19 ReflectIons From Me

reflectIng on lIfe through wrItIng, photography, poetry and quotes. I Offer personal challenges and support to nurture your mInd and soul. I am a wrIter and a lIfe guIde, so g...

www.reflectionsfromme.com www.reflectionsfromme.com/feed/

11 Angus Eats The USA!

hI, I’m Angus Gorberg. I love food, beer, musIc and all thIngs ChIcago. WelCome to my personal quest to share some of the best spots thIs amazIng cIty has to Offer. sometIme...

anguseats.com anguseats.com/rss

9 RE: WatchESPN IPAD ApplIcatIons And Content Access

LIke everythIng ESPN Offers there Is a prIce attached to It. We have to have enough demand from our customers to justIfy the cost thIs would Increase. We do currently Offer ES...

forums.cox.com forums.cox.com/foru...um/f/9/t/1439/rss.aspx

8 Match.Com - AsIan DatIng

If you’re lookIng to date AsIan sIngles In the UK, you’ve Come to the rIght place. As the UK’s best known datIng sIte, we’ve already matched lots of people and you cou...

advice.uk.match.com advice.uk.match.com/taxonomy/term/39/feed

7 TS Satana Kennedy

OffIcIal blog of Satana Kennedy. 18+ only. ThIngs get NSFW and extremely porny. I’m In my 20s, lIve In the south, been on HRT for a few years. That’s what the “TS” mea...

satanakennedy.com satanakennedy.com/rss

7 CyberhalIdes Jazz Home

WANGARATTA JAZZ FESTIVAL PREVIEW (Scroll down for the usual materIal) "Wang" Is almost upon us agaIn, and the CHJ team wIll be there In force. Wang never faIls to please, no...

jazz.cyberhalides.com jazz.cyberhalides.c...d/gallery/album/1.html

6 Tqwana ExplaIns It All

In whIch I Offer my unsolIcIted 2 cents about all and sundry

tqwanaexplains.com tqwanaexplains.com/feed/

6 GreetIng Cards

I Offer 5x7 greetIng cards that are prInted on recycled paper. They are blank on the InsIde and Come wIth a whIte envelope. They can be purchased as sIngle cards, In a 10 pack...

pumapix.photoshelter.com pumapix.photoshelte...00ZcdfEGuH4Pg?feed=rss

5 Postcards In The AttIc

Get lost In tIme whIle browsIng through a grand collectIon of AntIque and VIntage Postcards. Along wIth the great collectIon of ephemera we Offer our fIne art and dIgItally re...

www.postcardsintheattic.com www.postcardsinthea.../posts/default?alt=rss

5 Crochet AddIct UK

Crochet AddIct UK Is a place I can share my crochet desIgns and free patterns. I also use It to share my love, lIfe and famIly. I Offer revIews of products/patterns/books/yarn...

www.crochetaddictuk.com www.crochetaddictuk.../posts/default?alt=rss

5 Andycohen.co

HI, I’m Andy Cohen. I’m the Andy Cohen who lIves In Jersey CIty, NJ, and the former co-host of SHUT UP, WEIRDO on WFMU. I am not thIs Andy Cohen, thIs Andy Cohen, or thIs ...

thatandycohen.com thatandycohen.com/rss

4 You Look Hungry

I look hungry. My name Is Helen Hollyman and I’m a food wrIter. DespIte my physIcal downfalls (whIch Include the lIkes of heartburn, lactose Intolerance and asthma brought o...

blog.ulookhungry.com blog.ulookhungry.com/rss

4 GoIng Zero Waste

A sIte dedIcated to achIevIng zero waste. Follow along wIth my zero waste journey. I aIm to send nothIng to a landfIll, refuse plastIc, and severely reduce what's recycled....

www.goingzerowaste.com www.goingzerowaste.com/blog?format=RSS

3 If I Were You Show

Jake HurwItz and AmIr Blumenfeld Offer up advIce In areas they’re qualIfIed to talk about. Also In areas they’re not qualIfIed to talk about. New EpIsodes every Monday! Su...

www.ifiwereyoushow.com ifiwereyoushow.com/rss

3 BattIngStanceGuy

LadIes and gentlemen, I Offer you...the least marketable skIll In AmerIca..... WelCome. Enjoy, BattIng Stance Guy

battingstanceguy.com feeds.feedburner.com/battingstanceguy

3 News And Blog Posts By DerbyshIre ProfessIonal Photogra...

I Offer hIgh qualIty professIonal photography In DerbyshIre and natIonally

www.stevebondimages.com www.stevebondimages.com/news.xml