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27 Information Security Buzz

Connecting Infosec with News

www.informat...ecuritybuzz.com www.informationsecuritybuzz.com/feed/

20 CERIAS Events Calendar

CERIAS Events calendar. Includes CERIAS events and other Infosec community happenings.

www.cerias.purdue.edu www.cerias.purdue.edu/feeds/events

18 Checkmarx » Infosec

Application Security, Made Easy

www.checkmarx.com www.checkmarx.com/tag/infosec/feed/

17 Infospectives » Infosec

straightforward security

infospectives.co.uk infospectives.co.uk/category/infosec/feed/

15 Man Vs WebApp » Infosec Place

Web Application Security Blog and Podcast

www.manvswebapp.com www.manvswebapp.com...sts/infosec-place/feed

13 Hold On Thy Way

Dallin. 26. Utah. LDS (Mormon). Traditionalist. Libertarian/market-anarchist with nationalist leanings. I like hiking, web dev, Infosec, self-reliance, politics, econ, and bui...

www.holdonthyway.com www.holdonthyway.com/rss

11 Infospectives » Infosec

straightforward security

infospectives.co.uk infospectives.co.uk/tag/infosec/feed/