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30 Jay Is Games

We do online and Mobile Game Reviews

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5 Jay Is Games

We do online and Mobile Game Reviews

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0 You Love Me, Real Or Not Real ? - Real. ♥

Avatar : Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson ♥ Mon Tumblr : [a=http://shestheonels.tumblr.com/]Tumblr[/a] Mon Twitter : [a=https://twitter.com/BLauraa]Twitter[/a] La webmIss...

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0 A Sax In The Low-Brass

Music Is my passion, and band Is my life. I cosplay a lot, and I play video Games more than I sleep. Dark Pit enthusiest.  Laveyan SatanIst.

the-black-jay.tumblr.com the-black-jay.tumblr.com/rss

0 From The Ashes

Name’s Jay. Pronouns ey/em/eir. (‘They’ Is also acceptable.) Non-binary trans male white Canadian (Maritimer). See my about me page for further details. Concerns about f...

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0 Malefitz

// I’m Jay, 21, UK. I walk with a cane because my legs are shit, play too many video Games and in my spare time I kinkshame. I’ll kinkshame you! I really love Bioware, Bet...

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0 Welcome!

My name Is Leonor, live in Portugal and I`m 20. I like a lot of stuff but I love video Games so I post a lot of stuff related to that. My favorite Games include Spyro the drag...

tundraviolet.tumblr.com tundraviolet.tumblr.com/rss

0 Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Blog

WARNING: I REBLOG NSFW Hey, my names Jayson but you can call me Jay. I’m a college student going to school for computer science and game design. I love video Games, art, com...

jaythedukeofduwang.tumblr.com jaythedukeofduwang.tumblr.com/rss

0 Untitled

My name Is Jahjuan from baltimore. I’m a father and family man first. My interest are sneakers (mostly nike and jordan) music (Jay-z Drake J Cole Wale and much more (not jus...

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0 Adios, Asshole.

My name Is Jay and my life revolves around fictional characters. I like dogs, procrastinating, bioware Games, and not answering my asks. I really don’t know why I have any f...

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0 Don't Forget To Be The Way You Are.

I’m Monika from Poland, 26. mostly into: Adam Lambert ♥ Jay Brannan, Placebo.procrastinating with: Shameless, Looking, In the Flesh, TVD, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Black book...

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0 I Need Spiritual Cleansing

PraJaya (Pronounced like Prah-Jay) or PJ, if that’s easier. From Nepal/21/Struggling college student (Is that redundant?). I mostly post anime, various TV shows, video Games...

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0 Cap'n Tightpants

My name Is Jay. I’m from Philly. I like Doctor Who, Firefly, Star Wars, Sherlock, Comic Books, Video Games and so many other geeky things it’d be difficult to lIst it all....

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0 Where Is Sten

my name’s Jay and i like anime, art, and the smell of my own farts • Blog full of stuff that makes me happy like anime, video Games, comic books, art and other things.•C...

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0 Http://lolJayel.tumblr.com/

Hey my name Is Jay. I love 1D, WWE, Video Games, etc. I also make gifs and edits. :)

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Art & Garb By Jay D Smith I’m a Animator/character designer for TV and Video-Games. ThIs Is a place where I can post my art and other pics that I like! :D

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0 Brazilian

For the last few weeks, I've explored how music and sports intersect in fandom [http://soundcheck.wnyc.org/blogs/soundcheck-blog/2013/apr/01/erin-mckeown-sports/], online [htt...

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