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61 Kotaku

The Gamer's Guide

kotaku.com feeds.gawker.com/kotaku/full

37 Talk Amongst Yourselves

I'm really feeling it!

tay.kotaku.com tay.kotaku.com/rss

37 Talk Amongst Yourselves

I'm really feeling it!

tay.kotaku.com tay.kinja.com/rss

29 Cinema Gorgeous

Cinema Gorgeous is a popular blog that celebrates beautiful art, great films, and the creative lifestyle. This blog features compelling artwork of all kinds and in-depth inter...

cinemagorgeous.com cinemagorgeous.com/rss

19 Kotaku Australia

Kotaku Australia

www.directoryofgames.com feedproxy.google.com/directoryofgames2

18 Cosplay

The best in costume play

cosplay.kotaku.com cosplay.kotaku.com/rss

18 Kotaku.com @ Tumblr

The Tumblr safehouse of Kotaku, a website about snack food, cosplay, the Japanese internet and comic books. Oh, yeah, and video games.

updates.kotaku.com updates.kotaku.com/rss

17 Steamed

Kinja RSS

steamed.kotaku.com steamed.kotaku.com/rss

14 Kotaku Selects

Kotaku Selects

selects.kotaku.com selects.kotaku.com/rss

13 Jean Snow [.net]

Jean Snow is Production Coordinator at Shinra Technologies, in lovely Montreal (at Eidos Montréal/Square Enix Montréal). Before that, he was based in Tokyo for over 15 years...

jeansnow.net jeansnow.net/rss

11 TMI

Kinja RSS

tmi.kotaku.com tmi.kotaku.com/rss

8 PwnLove

Your resource for gaming fashion, video games style and merchandise. It’s like Vogue meets Game Informer. Founded and managed by K. “PwnLove” Stewart. PwnLove has been r...

pwnlove.com pwnlove.com/rss

6 Pocket Monster

It's super effective.

pocketmonster.kotaku.com pocketmonster.kotaku.com/rss

5 The Bests

The best stuff on the internet (or off it)

thebests.kotaku.com thebests.kotaku.com/rss

5 Paradise's Fool» Kotaku

Music, Games, and Whimsy

www.parafool.com www.parafool.com/tag/kotaku/feed/

0 Http://theomeganerd.tumblr.com/

TheOmegaNerd features and promotes video game fan art, concept art, news, screenshots, trailers, and other related content. This blog contains 85k followers and has been featu...

theomeganerd.tumblr.com theomeganerd.tumblr.com/rss

0 Moon Animate, Make-Up!

Moon Animate Make-Up!Moon Animate Make-Up! is a crowd sourced, group animation project that will re-animate a whole episode of Sailor Moon shot-by-shot in each artist’s styl...

moonanimate.tumblr.com moonanimate.tumblr.com/rss

0 Patrick Klepek Will Now Take Your Calls

Senior reporter at Kotaku. Find the rest of my stuff at patrickklepek.com

patrickklepek.tumblr.com patrickklepek.tumblr.com/rss