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0 YO__

I'm heavy handed, to say the least. My mother thinks I'll be an awful clutcher 'cus I spill things from stiring too quickly. I'm far too loud. Its like, as soon as I've got an...

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0 Loftylovin

HI I’M TRESIA….. AND I LOVE LOFTS ~ barns reborn ~ cozy attic loft spaces ~ loft style homes ~ and all kinds of unique homes and open space living designs… THIS BLOG IS ...

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0 Smile :)

Jemma - Northern Ireland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥~~~~~~~ ~~~~♥~~~~♥~~~~~~~~~♥~~~~~~~ ~~~~♥~~~~♥~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shizz4Jizz: Starkid, Lost, Harry Potter, WTNV, Doctor W...

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0 Forty-Two

Hello! The name is Jessi. Currently at the tender age of 23, I spend my time teaching kids to not be assholes (I"m an English teacher). I watch an embarrassing amount of telev...

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