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47 Evil Inc » Patreon

A daily comic about supervillains by Brad Guigar

www.evil-inc.com evil-inc.com/category/patreon/feed/

29 J.n. Wiedle

Hi I’m J.N. Wiedle, and this is my art blog. I make a webcomic called Helvetica and it’s about skeletons. I’m more likely answer questions and messages on my ask.fm than...

blog.jnwiedle.com blog.jnwiedle.com/rss

26 Mias And Elle

Mias and Elle is a developing graphic story based around the adventures of a kidnapped maiden, a perverted evil magician, his evil twin and a pantie infatuated Stag. Shenaniga...

miasandelle.com miasandelle.com/rss

21 在原業平

Himeutsugi.org is the multi-fandom blog of Lorelei (just call me Lore), known for being an obsessive otome game rambler essayist, visual novel writer for Cyanide Tea and Lettu...

himeutsugi.org himeutsugi.org/rss

20 2D Dungeon

André Kent’s arts and stuff. Bring your torch! [Patreon] - [Gallery] - [Comissions] - [Contact]

2d-dungeon.com 2d-dungeon.com/rss

19 SFS

We are a team of animators, artists, and voice actors working to make animations and cartoons!This blog is dedicated to all things related to our group.Connect with us! Check ...

sillyfillystudios.com sillyfillystudios.com/rss


hey firebugarsonist pixel by brenna! Hello!! I’m Corgi or sometimes I’m Pemm or sometimes I’m Aero and I am a work in progress! I write a lot of things but mostly Team F...

theoldaeroplane.com theoldaeroplane.com/rss

16 Oh Shit, Not Again.

| Dim | 20 | Chicka | Australian | NSFW | Art Mode Folios Patreon Furaffinity Ask blog Blacklist ‘not-art’ to avoid text posts and reblogs ya filthy

dimwitdog.com dimwitdog.com/rss

16 Del Taco II

Puck / ♂ / 24 formerly fastpuck! tumblr deleted my old blog. this blog may feature adult content. all subjects depicted therein are 18 or older. home COMMISSIONS 龍 丈夫 ...

dragonhusbands.tumblr.com dragonhusbands.tumblr.com/rss

15 Oh, The Hu-manatee!

mx. b. binaohan. transpinay ladyboy. pronouns = they/them/their. Help me stay an independent writer by donating to: Patreon or Paypal

mxb.ca mxb.ca/rss

14 Safely Endangered Comics

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Patreon

tumblr.safelyendangered.com tumblr.safelyendangered.com/rss

12 Yaoimila

Hi! I’m Yamila Abraham (Yaoimila) and here’s some of the OEL Manga I’ve written and published through Yaoi Press. Some of these are no longer available online. I think t...

yaoimila.com yaoimila.com/rss