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47 Evil Inc » Patreon

A daily comic about supervillains by Brad Guigar

www.evil-inc.com evil-inc.com/category/patreon/feed/

29 J.n. Wiedle

Hi I’m J.N. Wiedle, and this is my art blog. I make a webcomic called Helvetica and it’s about skeletons. I’m more likely answer questions and messages on my ask.fm than...

blog.jnwiedle.com blog.jnwiedle.com/rss

26 Mias And Elle

Mias and Elle is a developing graphic story based around the adventures of a kidnapped maiden, a perverted evil magician, his evil twin and a pantie infatuated Stag. Shenaniga...

miasandelle.com miasandelle.com/rss

21 在原業平

Himeutsugi.org is the multi-fandom blog of Lorelei (just call me Lore), known for being an obsessive otome game rambler essayist, visual novel writer for Cyanide Tea and Lettu...

himeutsugi.org himeutsugi.org/rss

20 2D Dungeon

André Kent’s arts and stuff. Bring your torch! [Patreon] - [Gallery] - [Comissions] - [Contact]

2d-dungeon.com 2d-dungeon.com/rss

19 SFS

We are a team of animators, artists, and voice actors working to make animations and cartoons!This blog is dedicated to all things related to our group.Connect with us! Check ...

sillyfillystudios.com sillyfillystudios.com/rss


hey firebugarsonist pixel by brenna! Hello!! I’m Corgi or sometimes I’m Pemm or sometimes I’m Aero and I am a work in progress! I write a lot of things but mostly Team F...

theoldaeroplane.com theoldaeroplane.com/rss

16 Oh Shit, Not Again.

| Dim | 20 | Chicka | Australian | NSFW | Art Mode Folios Patreon Furaffinity Ask blog Blacklist ‘not-art’ to avoid text posts and reblogs ya filthy

dimwitdog.com dimwitdog.com/rss

16 Del Taco II

Puck / ♂ / 24 formerly fastpuck! tumblr deleted my old blog. this blog may feature adult content. all subjects depicted therein are 18 or older. home COMMISSIONS 龍 丈夫 ...

dragonhusbands.tumblr.com dragonhusbands.tumblr.com/rss

15 Oh, The Hu-manatee!

mx. b. binaohan. transpinay ladyboy. pronouns = they/them/their. Help me stay an independent writer by donating to: Patreon or Paypal

mxb.ca mxb.ca/rss

14 Safely Endangered Comics

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Patreon

tumblr.safelyendangered.com tumblr.safelyendangered.com/rss

12 Yaoimila

Hi! I’m Yamila Abraham (Yaoimila) and here’s some of the OEL Manga I’ve written and published through Yaoi Press. Some of these are no longer available online. I think t...

yaoimila.com yaoimila.com/rss

11 For Orchestra

Music • Merch Ask • Press Patreon • About `> var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-5070096-3']); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); (function() { var ga = doc...

fororchestra.com fororchestra.com/rss

10 ..!

h-hi! i’m tea ;u; nice to meet you! i’m a latias, of course. you can ask me anything you like! just leave me a message below! hope to make some new friends and get to know...

asklatias.com asklatias.com/rss

8 Problem Glyphs

Problem Glyphs are an ongoing project by artist Eliza Gauger in which symbolic illustrations (sigils) are drawn in response to problems sent in by the audience. There are over...

problemglyphs.org problemglyphs.org/rss

7 Dead Heat Headquarters

Current HQ for the webcomic Dead Heat. Dead Heat on Patreon JUNK’s art blog

deadheatcomic.com deadheatcomic.com/rss

7 HijiNKS ENSUE » Patreon

Pop Culture and Parenting. A Grown Up Geek's Webcomic

hijinksensue.com hijinksensue.com/tag/patreon/feed/


DANNY DJELJOSEVIC is a comic book writer based in San Diego, CA. He wrote the comics THE GHOST ENGINE, FINAL DERBY, and KIDS RULE!!, and is co-founder of the pop culture site ...

djeljosevic.com djeljosevic.com/rss

6 Macho Face

Google the author I’m Desouza of Vegas, a gay male who is a digital illustrator, writer, and photographer. I choose images of men to repost here on Tumblr on my “Macho Fac...

www.machoface.com machoface.com/rss