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51 Itsphotoshop.com

blog dedicated to collect Adobe Photoshop and Tumblr resources. here you will find psds, textures, Themes, tutorials and much more.

itsphotoshop.com itsphotoshop.com/rss

48 UltraLinx

Web magazine covering high quality tech, gadgets, design, art and photography.

theultralinx.com theultralinx.com/ca...rpt/tag/tumblr-themes/

48 UltraLinx

Web magazine covering high quality tech, gadgets, design, art and photography.

theultralinx.com theultralinx.com/ca.../tumblr-themes/rss.xml

38 Precrafted Themes

Awesome Tumblr Themes for the world’s creators.

precrafted.com precrafted.com/rss

32 Designers Of Tumblr

designers of Tumblr is a place for designers to submit their work and show it off to our 100,000+ followers and the rest of the world! we publish Tumblr Themes, illustrations,...

designersof.com designersof.com/rss

25 Pour Être Belle Themes » Helps

Tumblr Themes by pouretrebelle, here you can find a mixture of infinitely customisable premium and free Themes

themes.pouretrebelle.com themes.pouretrebelle.com/help/feed/


「 k-pop gfx & Themes. 」

codes.pohroro.com pohroro.tumblr.com/rss

22 Tumblr Themes And Skins

Tumblr Themes and skins

userstyles.org userstyles.org/styles/browse/tumblr.rss

21 Stormfox's Furry Blog

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. This is a SFW (Meaning no nudity) furry blog. The majority of posts are reblogged furry art with a smaller mix of rando...

stormfox.org stormfox.org/rss

21 Butterfly's Sleep

Jill. 80’s kid. Graphic designer, amateur photographer, wannabe astronomer, will design and code Tumblr Themes given the right motivation. Can be bribed with coffee and food...

butterflysleep.com butterflysleep.com/rss

20 Free Tumblr Themes HTML Codes, Cute Layouts 2013

Tumblings.net updates Tumblr help tutorials time to time to customize Free Tumblr Themes, HTML Codes, Cute Backgrounds, Layouts, Widgets and Cool Quotes 2013.

tumblings.net www.tumblings.net/rss

20 Pixel Union

Tumblr Themes

www.pixelunion.net www.pixelunion.net/themes/tumblr/feed/

17 Premium Tumblr Themes | Arrr!

• 8/13/13 New theme: Bowsprit • 7/30/13 New theme: Yami • 7/17/13 New theme: Obsidian • 7/6/13 New theme: Ursula

themepirate.tumblr.com themepirate.tumblr.com/rss

17 Theme Cloud Blog

Premium Tumblr Themes, hand selected by Theme Cloud. Why not check out our Themes Recover code

blog.themecloud.co blog.themecloud.co/rss

17 Smashing Wordpress Themes » Tumblr

Smashing Free & Premium Wordpress Themes + Plugins

ericulous.com ericulous.com/tag/tumblr/feed/

15 Large Labia Project

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it: Confucius This blog is all about labia. It is a body-positive blog that aims to show that vulvas and labia of any size, shape,...

largelabiaproject.org largelabiaproject.org/rss

13 TLS » Products

The Best Custom Tumblr Themes

www.thelayoutshop.net thelayoutshop.net/p...-themes-download/feed/

13 CubThemes » Knowledgebase

Premium Tumblr Themes

cubthemes.com cubthemes.com/support/feed/

13 TLS

The Best Custom Tumblr Themes

www.thelayoutshop.net thelayoutshop.net/feed

11 MNML Studio

Premium & minimal Tumblr Themes.

mnmlstudio.co mnmlstudio.co/rss