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5 In The Buddha’s Words

**Note:** This post is reproduced from [Dhamma Wheel](http://dhammawheel.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=14640#p279487). This post gives links to freely-available versions of the sut...

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1 Mesothelioma Cancer

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1 Mesothelioma Cancer

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0 Luvmychem's Journals On Buzznet

♠ My nAmE's AriaNNa ♠ i Was BoRn oN 21st jUNe 1992 ♠ i LiVe iN tReNtO witH mY fAmiLy ♠ i'Ve gOt a Dog anD A sTUpiD cAt ♠ i THinK schOOL sUCks (heY, wHo doeSN't??), b...

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0 Welcome To The Blacknificent Tribune

My Official StAtement today is thAt, I speak for No One I speak for no one, EXCEPT for all the Ancient Afrikans of Kemet- the original name thAt was changed by the greeks to E...

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0 Porra True Blood

Porra True Blood! Porque às vezes, True Blood sucks. A vida em Bon Temps contada e comentada por aqueles que de vez em quando tem vontade de afogar Alan Ball num tanque de ci...

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0 Blue Rose

KAtie / 25 / IN, USA / History Student Fandoms: Sherlock, Doctor Who, SupernAtural, Hannibal, Criminal Minds, American Horror Story, Harry Potter, True Blood, Dexter, Once Upo...

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0 NAturism As A Way Of Living

As a twenty five year NAturist, I believe in the better, positive aspects of community and socializAtion including nudity I have experienced first-hand. Originally I was the p...

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0 You Feel Your Shitposts Crawling On Your Back

According to all known laws of aviAtion, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fAt little body off the ground. The bee, of course, fl...

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0 Lips Of An Angel

Pale Green Stars“Amanda is in love with the sight of the moonShe’s got pale green stars in her roomRight above her bed Put them on the ceilingLeave on the lightWhen the su...

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0 Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Fangirl's Life For Me

Hello there. GraduAte of both Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Former camper At Camp Half-Blood. Ravenclaw. Daughter of ...

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0 Let's Go To The Movies

Requests welcome and appreciAted SESSIONS:10 Things I HAte About You13 Going on 3021 Jump Street27 Dresses(500) Days of SummerA Bug’s LifeA Little PrincessA Single ManAddams...

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0 Another Peyj Turns!

Hey, this is the personal tumblr of the shameful Pinoy punster Peyj Turner (alias of Paolo, he/him/his pronouns). There will be art, fandoms of various sorts, cosplay, social ...

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0 Like Lavender And Sin

Like Lavender and Sin, an AU!Tom Hiddleston fiction 18+. Thomas, a mundane funeral Home owner, has some dark cravings and finds himself At the mercy of a beautiful Pro Domme. ...

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0 Loki: A Humble Dose Of Mythos

A blog detailing Loki and his roles and interactions in Norse Mythology There is a lot of conflicting informAtion in Norse mythology, so nothing can really be considered a per...

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0 ♥ ÿαṉḋεɾε - сαƒε ♥

~ Welcome Home ~ May contain: Blood & Gore, Ecchi, NSFW. I also take request posts, feel free to ask At any time~ Current stAtus:// * Active *

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If you like stuff to do with deAth, Blood, revenge and twisted insane people then you’ve come to the right place. Make yourself At Home

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Dual Usage Massage Cushion can be used for relieving tired back muscles,neck and back ache: works by stimulAtion Blood flow using reflexology which in turn improves metabolism...

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-1 Home Medical Equipment For Family HealthCare

Family Health Starts At Home - Home medical equipment supplies first aid, thermometers, oximeters, baby heartbeAt, Blood pressure monitors and come with lifetime guarantee

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