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47 101.1 The Wiz » Music

Cincinnati's Hiphop and R&B

wiznation.com wiznation.com/category/music/feed/

28 Rap Swagger » Hiphop News

Worldwide Hip Hop, Rap and R&B News, Downloads, Music Videos and Streaming Music!

www.rapswag.com www.rapswag.com/cat...news/hiphop-news/feed/

17 GMinds » Hiphop

Hiphop & Entertainment

gmhiphop.com gmhiphop.com/catego...eos/music/hiphop/feed/

14 GMinds » Music

Hiphop & Entertainment

gmhiphop.com gmhiphop.com/category/videos/music/feed/

10 The Combat Jack Show

The undisputed #1 Hiphop podcast, the Combat Jack Show features interviews with Hiphop icons & the most in-depth conversations about Music, news, culture & race. Listen to Rus...

thecombatjackshow.com feeds.feedburner.com/TheCombatJackShow

9 Avenge The Virgins | Electronic & Hip Hop Music Blog

Music blog that features any kind of urban/street Music going from electro, house, hip hop, rap, techno, lounge, dubstep, grime and more. We also expose some of the best Canad...

avengethevirgins.net avengethevirgins.net/category/hiphop/feed/

9 Ethiopian Hiphop - RSS Feed

DireTube the largest and The Leading Ethiopian Video Sharing Site. The Fastest Growing Ethiopian Music and Video Site - Find unlimited Latest Ethiopian Music, Drama and Video ...

www.diretube.com www.diretube.com/rss.php?c=502

6 Sunken Sounds Music Blog.

Curated Music blog - Hiphop, Rnb/Soul, electronic, indie, etc.

sunken-sounds.com sunken-sounds.com/?feed=rss2

6 Sunken Sounds Music Blog.

Curated Music blog - Hiphop, Rnb/Soul, electronic, indie, etc.

sunken-sounds.com sunken-sounds.com/feed/

6 Sunken Sounds Music Blog.

Curated Music blog - Hiphop, Rnb/Soul, electronic, indie, etc.

sunken-sounds.com sunken-sounds.com/?feed=rss2&page_id=5

6 Get Wit It Magazine | The Entertainment Site Of The New...

Hip hop, Pop Culture, Music, Video, News, Hip Hop Artwork, rap,hip hop,rap Music,r&b,rap Music videos,Hiphop,rap video girls,hip hop girls,hip hop videos,hip hop news,hip hop ...

getwititmagazine.com getwititmagazine.com/feed/

5 Comments On: Music Playlist

Cincinnati's Hiphop and R&B

wiznation.com wiznation.com/music-playlist/feed/

2 HiphopHotSpot.Com

New Hot Hiphop Music

hiphophotspot.com hiphophotspot.com/feed/

0 Comments On: Spotlight: Hiphop Is The Future

Books, Music, Movies, Art, Politics, Sex, Other

therumpus.net therumpus.net/2013/...op-is-the-future/feed/

0 Brittanylyn13's Journals On Buzznet

Brittany Lyn Cooper, open book for th next 15 minutes. This is a classic, cliche, ‘get to know me’ post. My name is Brittany Lyn Cooper. I love double first names, maybe b...

brittanylyn13.buzznet.com brittanylyn13.buzznet.com/user/journal/rss/

0 Wrestling & Music Is Life


hiitsmekevin.tumblr.com hiitsmekevin.tumblr.com/rss

0 Jonah Nathan Corneau

I love God, family, and Hiphop Music! Here to share my faith, life and Music with all who decide to follow. Download my album for free: http://jonahnathan.bandcamp.com/

grace2build.tumblr.com grace2build.tumblr.com/rss

0 ROCK Sex

"Liberation for all. Everything must be rethought." ___ Rock'n'Soul Music is a baton relayed by everyone. ROCK SEX is about all of the creative connections that link our share...

tymstevens.blogspot.com tymstevens.blogspot.../posts/default?alt=rss

0 Lipsticks & Lighters

Welcome to the emotional ball of love & Life that is ThisIsChiChi, by day she is a digital marketing consultant and radio/tv personality. But she is also a beautiful 420 frien...

chichimsmedia.tumblr.com chichimsmedia.tumblr.com/rss


Hi! Welcome to my World of K-POP and K-Hiphop Music!

ourlimitinthesky.tumblr.com ourlimitinthesky.tumblr.com/rss