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57 Neurolove.me

Neurolove.me features speculated psychology theories, myths, and Quotes. The purpose of this page is to create discussions among what’s posted. Though astrology is not class...

neurolove.me neurolove.me/rss

33 Penn Medicine News Blog

News and perspectives on health and Science news topics from Penn Medicine's Department of Communications. Resources for reporters and bloggers, including story ideas, medical...

www.pennmedicine.org feeds.feedburner.com/Penn-Medicine-News-Blog

10 The Missive

This is our visual library of ideas, narratives, and tangents that we follow from time to time. Life through the eyes of a temperament. TAGS: Quotes, Art, Music, Architecture,...

influx.themissive.com influx.themissive.com/rss

8 Seeker Daily

Seeker Daily is a hosted daily series that will broaden your worldview by focusing on the personal side of social, world, and domestic issues. Hosts discuss how living life fe...

seekernetwork.com seekernetwork.com/seekerdaily/feed/mp4-large

7 Favorite RSS Feeds

These are some RSS feeds we fond interesting. We have categorized them somewhat and will continue to add and edit as needed. -- Select Title -- ABC-au News: Science and Tech...

www.webwizdirect.com webwizdirect.com/ww2g/foffeedswwd.xml

4 Querbeißer » Quotes

chris waigl on language, Science, technology, society, and her life exploring the spaces in-between

chryss.eu chryss.eu/tag/quotes/feed/

3 Daily Inspiration » Science Quotes

for daily inspiration and motivation

dailyinspiration.me dailyinspiration.me...s/science-quotes/feed/

3 Comments On: The Science Behind That New Baby Smell

Parenting,motherhood,career woman,entrepreneurial,business woman,motivational,leadership,inspirational,Quotes,words of encouragement,happy mum

queenofmyworld.com queenofmyworld.com/...t-new-baby-smell/feed/

2 Blaze™ Blog

Funny Jokes | Love Quotes | Mobile Tips & Tricks | Computer & Internet | Tutorials | Modern Science & Islam | Others

blaze.mywapblog.com blaze.mywapblog.com/rss.xml


Ira. 19. Melbourne. Science student. I blog about landscapes, Quotes, food,cool music and feminism. Tom Hiddleston and Lee Pace occassionally make their appearance.

tmblr.co iraruhhhh.tumblr.com/rss

0 Inhellsdespair

“Love seeketh not Itself to please, Nor for itself hath any care; But for another gives its ease, And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair.” -The Clod Stuff you’ll see he...

sosungalittl...clay.tumblr.com sosungalittleclodofclay.tumblr.com/rss

0 Fuck Yeah, Science Fiction!

All things sci-fi Just arrived? Check out the archive. Questions? Praise? Hate-mail? Suggestions? Go ahead and ask me. Have some sci-fi to share? We wanna see it! Tags:Answers...

fuckyeahscie...tion.tumblr.com fuckyeahsciencefiction.tumblr.com/rss

0 Hippie-janessa

Ness ❀ | 21 | Aquarius | Pantheist | Colorado | i love: astrology, history, movies, psychology, writing, social justice, equality, paintings, liberal stuff, atheist stuff, c...

hippie-janessa.tumblr.com hippie-janessa.tumblr.com/rss

0 Active Resistance; Passionate Existence.

My name is dave gunn. I am just another nobody on the Internet. Previously: variations of uglyuglyugly and headandstomachache. This is something I do when I’m bored, but I d...

uglyuglyugly2.tumblr.com uglyuglyugly2.tumblr.com/rss

0 Cannibal Holocaust

Chris. New York trash. I like Science fiction and horror. If someone could read my mind they would hear 80s music and Seinfeld Quotes

subhumanoidmeltdown.tumblr.com subhumanoidmeltdown.tumblr.com/rss

0 Talk Birdy To Me

Greetings! I’m Kristina; I’m 19 & a queer vegan deer. ☀about me ☀ ♛ my canine co pilot ♛ •STORENVY• I’m VEGAN and I love nonhuman animals, especially deer, c...

verybluebirdy.tumblr.com verybluebirdy.tumblr.com/rss

0 “Hope Is A Good Thing..and No Good Thing Ever Dies.�...

Music, art, films, Quotes, Science, philosophy, psychology,aphorisms, diversity..Nihilism.. HOPE!

timeofnothing.tumblr.com timeofnothing.tumblr.com/rss

0 Chronicles Of A Chemist

A glance at the strange world of a chemist /physicist/psychopharmacologist in training. Mostly Science-related posts. Themes include; Chemistry Physics CalculusNanotechnologyM...

chroniclesof...mist.tumblr.com chroniclesofachemist.tumblr.com/rss

0 The Sound Within The Silence

A mixture of imaginary places and things that spark my imagination, pictures that make me feel peaceful, Quotes and songs that matter to me, occasional tangents on swords, swo...

raynt.tumblr.com raynt.tumblr.com/rss

0 Radical Rad

Kat’s personal tumblr blog. Probably filled with; Guro Quotes Science Memes Yiff NSFW and occasional emo shit. – Feel free to send asks! Anon is allowed!

impurity-at-...nest.tumblr.com impurity-at-its-finest.tumblr.com/rss