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20 | M | Gay | INTJ | Hellhound My blog is a (mostly) SFW collection of stuff this furry weirdo enjoys. Content generally includes furries, FFXIV, Undertale, and geeky compute...

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2 More Tea, Vicar?

Welcome to my Art Blog! [21, publisher, artist] Fan of Over the Garden Wall, Roosterteeth and AH, Star Trek, Merlin, Portal, Undertale, We Bare Bears, Skyrim, Bioshock, Bob’...

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1 Meme

hi im ben. i post mostly text posts, Undertale, gorillaz, and steven universe.icon by elentori-art.tumblr.com

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1 Serenity.

ana | ♀ | brazil mainly a gaming blog also currently in love with Undertale

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1 Sunflora Is The Devil

hey i’m allison/pedro. i’m uncool and i make a lot of puns cis girl, she/her i’m big on animal crossing, pokemon, Undertale, steven universe, htgawm, and a bunch of othe...

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1 Crash Landing

Hey peeps I like Pikmin, Steven Universe, and Undertale B)

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Berneri / 25 / Finland This is multifandom blog with my own pictures (mostly drawings) and things I personally find funny, interesting or important. There will be lots of vide...

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0 Want Me To...rattle Your Bones

i’m sam and i’m constantly posting about Steven Universe and/or Undertale

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0 Farm-raised, Grass-fed, All-natural Homo

Limes of death. ~~~ Animation Major (Junior) at MICA 20/demisexual/demigirl any pronoun is fine body, a, a:hover { cursor:url(http://media.tumblr.com/1979dc685c0a29638ddb406ef...

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0 Yamino

Age: 28Married to: Ash! (@summerlightning) Gender ID: androgyneOccupation: Artist of Sister ClaireTwitter: YaminoFandoms: Steven Universe, Undertale, and more.

yamino.tumblr.com yamino.tumblr.com/rss

0 Dabbling.

Just a guy named Carolyn. Born in ‘85. My blog contains mostly my voice work, food, scenery, and bits and bobs of fandoms I enjoy. Currently pretty invested in Undertale so ...

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0 Http://lilaira.tumblr.com/

| Furry | ♋ | 20 | Female | FANDOMS | Steven Universe | Undertale | The Witcher | Borderlands | My deviantart: http://www.lilaira.deviantart.com/ Ask Endy: http://askendy.tu...

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0 ☆Space Rocks☆

Hi I’m Jay, I try to draw a lot and Undertale is slowly ruining my life 15|♍|nonbinary they/them art blog| aesthetic blog Friend code: 0533-4258-5676 Love live ID: 0465124...

fallska.tumblr.com fallska.tumblr.com/rss

0 ~oh Googly Eyes~

23 years old. Pansexual. Polyamorous. She/her pronouns. Libra. Currently obsessed w/ Undertale. If you need to speak with me privately, just add a (pri) at the beginning of yo...

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0 Hella Gay And Hella Gross

Homestuck, Wander Over Yonder, Steven Universe, Heathers, Undertale, sometimes other stuff. I’m skeleton dance trash rn and just Garbage in general tbh. any pronouns are ok ...

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0 The Man With No Taste

Nim ☆ 18 ☆ He/They ☆ Freshman at MICA links for mobilePersonal blog. Mostly posts Undertale, SU, and other misc personal things. avatar credit icon credit sc_online_t(95...

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0 Despite Everything, It's Still You.

hey im mir and i like to draw/sometimes animate welcome to my blog (mostly jojo/steven universe/Undertale/nintendo)☆★☆★16/enfp/she her/☆★☆★Commissions are open...

carbinks.tumblr.com carbinks.tumblr.com/rss

0 Wosh U Leg

CADDY/17/PISCES CURRENTLY BLOGGING (in no particular order): Undertale, homestuck, AH/RT, RaM, TPOH, GoT, and general humour. Hopefully. Also may be some nsfw from time to tim...

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0 I Am Attracted To Despair

midori. 22. dr/sdr2, pmmm, kh, dcmk, pkmn, Undertale, fake news, @midnight, various anime. Sideblog: madomamii ; previously: yandere-midori. NOTE: If there is artwork of yours...

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0 Im Just A Filthy Vampire

ISFP - Yas/Yurie. A Brit studying animation in Canada. Currently obsessed with white haired anime boys. Expect tokyo ghoul, owari no seraph, durarara, sports anime and my fav ...

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